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Listen to the full Diversity in Apps / Diversity Sauce interview with Kabir Seth and Raul Gutierrez here (the interview starts at 6:10):

Diversity Sauce logo

Here is the Diversity Sauce website.

Here's more information about the free toolkit that the Bad App Fairy didn't want me to mention to app developers:

 And here's a quick Diversity Checklist for parents and librarians to use when evaluating media.

This is Raul.

photo of Raul

This is the Tinybop staff:

photo of Tinybop staff

This is a sneak peek at their awesome in-house library:

photo of Tinybob library

This is a little bit of their artwork:

photo of some of Tinybop's artwork

Read an interview with the artist from their Mammals app:

Read an interview with the artist from their Space app:

You guys, their website is a TREASURE TROVE of information!  Check out their "Tinybop Loves" page to get incredible recommendations for lots of different (non-Tinybop) media -- books, music, videos, toys, podcasts, other apps..... and you can limit them by age group too!

There's also a bunch of fun videos on their Vimeo site.

Ligaya from Tinybop on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out the sidebar where you can find links to some of their many printable PDF activity pages.