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Science Fiction and Fantasy - December 7, 2017


Science Fiction and Fantasy


Science Fiction and Fantasy

Thursday, December 7, 2017


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New Books



Barbary Station
by R. E. Stearns


Adda and Iridian are newly minted engineers, but thanks to an economy shot to pieces from an interplanetary war are stranded without jobs. The only answer: piracy. Barbary Station, an abandoned shipbreaking station in deep space, is rumored to hold the best opportunities for those pursuing a life of crime. But when Adda and Iridian arrive at the ship, they discover the pirates are being held at bay by the ship’s rebellious AI, which kills who attempt to board the station, while shooting any ship that attempts to leave. Adda and Iridian have one chance to earn a place on the pirate crew: destroy the artificial intelligence. The last engineer who went up against the AI met an untimely end, and the pirates are taking bets on how the newcomers will die. But Adda and Iridian plan to beat the odds—if they can survive.




Child of a Mad God: A Tale of the Coven
by R. A. Salvatore


When Aoelyn loses her parents, she is left to fend for herself among a tribe of vicious barbarians. Bound by rigid traditions, she dreams of escaping to the world beyond her mountain home. The only hope for achieving the kind of freedom she searches for is to learn how to wield the mysterious power used by the tribe's coven known as the Song of Usgar. Thankfully, Aoelyn may be the strongest witch to have ever lived, but magic comes at price. Not only has her abilities caught the eye of the brutish warlord that leads the tribe, but the demon of the mountain hunts all who wield the Coven's power, and Aoelyn's talent has made her a beacon in the night.




Frankenstein in Baghdad
by Ahmad Sadawi


From the rubble-strewn streets of U.S.-occupied Baghdad, Hadi--a scavenger and an oddball fixture at a local cafe--collects human body parts and stitches them together to create a corpse. His goal, he claims, is for the government to recognize the parts as people and to give them proper burial. But when the corpse goes missing, a wave of eerie murders sweeps the city, and reports stream in of a horrendous-looking criminal who, though shot, cannot be killed. Hadi soon realizes he's created a monster, one that needs human flesh to survive--first from the guilty, and then from anyone in its path.




The Infinite Now
by Mindy Tarquini


Orphaned by the 1918 influenza epidemic, sixteen-year-old Fiora is dumped at the only place in her superstitious immigrant community that will take her: the doorway of a widowed shoemaker who accepts her without question. Fiora sticks out in her Philadelphia neighborhood, not just for her modern ideas but as the daughter of the local fortune teller. When her mother’s magical curtain shows that the old man will soon die of a heart attack, Fiora panics and casts her entire neighborhood into a stagnant bubble of time. Babies refuse to be born and fruit doesn’t ripen. Still, not everything in the bubble is bad: love remains fresh and friendships blossom. But as day drags into interminable day, the pressure inside the bubble builds. Fiora must accept that not everything found can be kept, not everything saved will remain and unless Fiora finds the courage to collapse the bubble, everyone and all their hopes will be trapped inside the unyielding and infinite Now.




Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
by Tricia Sullivan


Charlie is a dreamhacker, able to enter your dreams and manipulate their direction. Dreaming of falling naked from a cliff? Charlie can bring you a robe and a parachute. She thinks she’s the only person with her particular brand of powers, which also comes with one drawback: she has narcolepsy and may fall asleep at the most inopportune moment. But in London 2022, her skill is in demand. And when she is hired by a minor celebrity - who also happens to be the new girlfriend of Charlie's lamented ex - who dreams of a masked Creeper then sleepwalks off a tall building, Charlie begins to realize that someone else might be able to invade dreams...




The Rule of Luck
by Catherine Cerveny


As a famed tarot card reader, all is well in luck and love for Felicia Sevigny, until Russian crime leader Alexei Petriv walks into her shop and demands a reading. Petriv's future looks dark and full of danger, which wouldn't be Felicia's problem, except that it's also aligned with hers. Felicia discovers she is the key pawn in Petriv's plot to overthrow the all-knowing government, and she must decide if she will trust with him with her heart, body and soul, before the future of the entire human race collapses around her.