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Romance - December 6, 2017





Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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A Princess in Theory
by Alyssa Cole

Naledi Smith regards the emails claiming she’s engaged to an African prince with a healthy dose of skepticism and a quick tap on the delete button. With grad school and several jobs to worry about, the tough former foster kid doesn’t have time for fairy tales. Prince Thabiso is the heir to Thesolo, weighed down by the hopes of his parents and his people. They want nothing more for than for him to marry, but when Thabiso tracks down his missing betrothed, Naledi mistakes the prince for a pauper. The chance to experience life without the crown is too much to resist, so Thesolo plays along. But when the sparks between them turn to something more serious, the truth will have to come out. Can Naledi make the leap from princess in theory to princess happily ever after?

To the Duke, With Love
by Amelia Grey

A misguided past as an infamous rake has left Sloane Knox, Duke of Hawksthorn, with a dilemma. He wishes to avoid the Season, but needs to secure a match for his beloved younger sister. Knox knows the perfect gentleman, but the intended groom comes with a big, infuriating problem: his sister, Miss Loretta Quick. Loretta avoided her own arranged marriage to an unsuitable nobleman, and she’s determined that her good-natured brother should marry for love. Going head to head with Knox will be a challenge, but Loretta finds matching wits with him is proving to be a real pleasure. But can she resist his charming allure without giving up her stubborn resolve?

The Idea of You
by Robinne Lee

Since her divorce, thirty-nine year old art gallery owner Solene Marchand is intent on being closer to her daughter Isabelle, even if that means taking the girl to meet her favorite boy band. She didn’t expect to be so taken with one of the members of the world famous band August Moon. Hayes Campbell is attractive, winning and confident—and twenty years old. What begins as a series of trysts becomes a serious and committed relationship. But as Solene and Hayes attempt to navigate each other’s worlds and a rabid media that gets wind of their affair, they must come to grips with how their romance has impacted the lives of those they care for the most.

So Over You
by Kate Meader

Isobel Chase was at the top of her game, playing in the NCAA, winning silver at the Games and skating in the new National Women’s Hockey League before an injury ended her playing days. A job coaching for her late father’s hockey franchise, the Chicago Rebels, seems a great opportunity that will keep her on the ice, until she learns of her first assignment: coach the Rebel’s newest acquisition. That would be Vadim Petrov, known as much as for his tabloid-worthy off-ice behavior as his domination in the rink, but whose appeal has cooled significantly after a knee injury. He also happens to be the one who relieved Isobel of her virginity when the two were hormonal teenagers—and Vadim’s inability to sink the puck left Isobel less than enamored. They both might be older, but Isobel still drives Vadim wild, and the fact that he disappointed her so many years ago leaves him determined to make it up to her with bone-melting orgasms. After all, practice does make perfect.

The Rule of Luck
by Catherine Cerveny

As a famed tarot card reader, all is well in luck and love for Felicia Sevigny, until Russian crime leader Alexei Petriv walks into her shop and demands a reading. Petriv's future looks dark and full of danger, which wouldn't be Felicia's problem, except that it's also aligned with hers. Felicia discovers she is the key pawn in Petriv's plot to overthrow the all-knowing government, and she must decide if she will trust with him with her heart, body and soul, before the future of the entire human race collapses around her.

Misadventures on the Night Shift
by Lauren Rowe

Hotel clerk Abby Medford enjoys the quiet hours her job on the night shift, allowing her time to study for the law degree on which she has her hopes set. But when rock star and bad boy Lucas Ford demands his room service request to be personally delivered by Abby, her previously quiet shifts heat up exponentially with Lucas’s erotic games. Can Abby continue to indulge her innermost desires without giving up her heart in the process?

A Distant Heart
by Sonali Dev

Held precious by her parents after a series of miscarriages, Kimaya grows up in a mansion in an exclusive Mumbai neighborhood, surrounded by love and privilege. But at age 11, she develops a rare illness that confines her to a germ-free room in her home, with only a window overlooking the vast Arabian Sea as company. Rahul Savant has been earning money by washing windows since he was 14 out of the need to support his family. When he shows up to wash Kimi’s windows, an unlikely friendship develops and Rahul becomes Kimi’s eyes to the outside world, while she in turn inspires him to better himself by enrolling in the police force. A transplant offers them a glimpse of a real future, but both recognize their different circumstances are still too great. Rahul’s greatest test comes when his investigation into a black market organ ring cuts too close to Kimi, with only Rahul’s deep connection to Kimi the means of keeping her safe—but will it mean losing her forever?