Library Kids - August 11, 2017

Library Kids

Friday, August 11, 2017

Library Kids is Madison Public Library's email newsletter featuring news, events, and recommended books for kids PreK through grade 6.

August 11, 2017 Issue

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Crafting with Amy Meitzel

Crafting with Amy Meitzel

There's still time to get crafty this summer!

Amy Meitzel of Bare Knuckle Arts has been helping children tap into their creative side all summer long. And there's still a few more chances to make something awesome at the library. Play around with paper marbeling, sew an emoji, or make an upcycled puppet! All events are free to attend, although some may require registration.

Learn more about these upcoming events.


Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids

Yoga isn't just for adults! Children of all ages can benefit from a little stretching, breathing, and movement.

The library is hosting several yoga events just for kids to enjoy. Storybook Yoga invites children to read books and then act them out using yoga poses like Downward Facing Dog, Frog, Tree, and Guitar. Yoga Sprouts is a fun way to introduce yoga to kids ages 2-5. All events are free, but registration may be required.

Take a look at upcoming dates and locations.


All Things Lego

All Things LEGO

There are countless ways for kids to take their love of Legos to a new level at the library. The LEGO Master Builder Challenge at Sequoya Library encourages kids to stretch their building brains and show off their skills. Several libraries host LEGO Clubs for kids who just can't get enough LEGOs. And Pinney and Sequoya libraries are hosting family movie nights featuring the LEGO Batman Movie. 

If you're child is all about LEGOs, you'll want to attend one of these upcoming events!

Upcoming Events

Find a complete event listing in our Summer Kidspages or find Chess Clubs, Knitting ClubsLEGO Clubs, Minecraft Clubs or Storytimes for ages 0-5

Problem Solving Sessions w/ Bubbler Artist-in-Residence, Jennie Bastian
Tuesdays, August-September, 5:30-8:00pm - Central Library

Donuts with Dad
Saturday, August 12, 10:00-11:00am - Alicia Ashman Library

Tech + Tinker - Special Eclipse Edition
Saturday, August 12, 10:00am-11:00pm - Sequoya Library

Spanish Storytime/Cuentos y Canciones en Español
Saturday, August 12, 10:30-11:15am - Pinney Library

Read to a Dog
Saturday, August 12, 11:00am-12:30pm - Goodman South Madison Library
Saturday, August 12, 2:00-3:00pm - Lakeview Library
Thursday, August 17, 4:00-5:30pm - Goodman South Madison Library
Thursday, August 24, 4:00-5:30pm - Alicia Ashman Library

A Wild Rumpus: An Anji Play Experience
Monday, August 14, 4:30-7:00pm - Reindahl Park (1818 Portage Road)
Wednesday, August 16, 4:30-7:00pm - Haen Family Park (7702 Tree Lane)

Tuesdays at 2:00ish - LEGO Master Builder Challenge
Tuesday, August 15, 2:00-4:00pm - Sequoya Library 

Terrific Tuesdays
Tuesdays, August 15 - August 22, 4:00-5:00pm - Lakeview Library

Hold Fast Book Club (For Kids in Grades 5 & 6)
Tuesday, August 15, 4:30-6:00pm - Central Library

Game Nights
Tuesday, August 15, 6:00-8:00pm - Meadowridge Library
Wednesday, August 16, 6:30-8:30pm - Pinney Library
Friday, August 18, 6:30-8:30pm - Alicia Ashman Library

Storybook Yoga
Thursday, August 17, 12:15-12:45pm - Monroe Street Library

Library Laboratory Featuring TetraPAKMAN
Friday, August 18, 3:30-5:30pm - Lakeview Library

Drag Queen Storytime
Saturday, August 19, 2:30-3:30pm - Pinney Library

Solar Eclipse Activities
Monday, August 21, 11:45-2:15pm - Alicia Ashman Library

Cooking with the Kids Chef Lilly
Monday, August 21, 10:00-11:15am - Meadowridge Library
Monday August 21, 12:00-1:15pm - Meadowridge Library
Monday, August 21, 2:00-3:15pm - Meadowridge Library

Train Party Storytime
Tuesday, August 22, 10:30-11:30am - Central Library

Make a Golden Snitch
Saturday, August 26, 10:00-11:00am - Hawthorne Library


New Books

Another Way to Climb a Tree
by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon

When Lulu's feeling well, she climbs every tree in sight. But when Lulu's sick, all she has is her imagination and a shadow.

The Assassin's Curse
by Kevin Sands

When Christopher Rowe's code-breaking uncovers the true target of an assassination attempt, he and his friends are odered to Paris to investigate a centuries-old curse on the French throne.

Buddy and Earl Go to School
by Maureen Fergus

Buddy and Earl know that with the right education they can become anything -- even a dentist or a hot-dog vendor! So they eagerly gather their silly, smelly supplies and head to school.

How Plants and Trees Work: A Hands-on Guide to the Natural World
by Christiane Dorion

Which plants are carnivorous? What's the smelliest plant in the world? And what is the most bizarre-looking flower? This eye-opening book explores the amazing diversity of the natural world, examining how plants grow, reproduce, defend themselves, and survive against the odds in some of the harshest climates on Earth. Packed with pop-ups, booklets, and flaps and accompanied by detailed artwork.

Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen
by Debbi Michiko Florence

Eager to do something her big sister has not done first, Jasmine Toguchi, eight, decides to pound mochi with the men and boys when her family gets together for New Year's.

Lonnie's Warrior Sword
by Jessica Brody

When Lonnie brings her friends Jay and Jordan on an forbidden trip to Imperial City to get it, she must prove she's a true warrior.

Meet Rusty Rivets!
by Mary Tillworth

Meet Rusty, a ten-year-old designer and do-it-yourselfer who solves problems using ingenuity and wild, innovative inventions. With his best friend, Ruby, his robotic pet, Botasaur, and their mechanical helpers, the Bits, Rusty helps to foster kids' interest in innovation, creativity, and the Maker Movement.

Royal Crush
by Meg Cabot

In her journal-style narrative incorporating both humorous and touching moments, likable, engaging Olivia continues to navigate the joys and challenges of being a modern-day princess.

Yo Soy Muslim
by Mark Gonzales

From Muslim and Latino poet Mark Gonzales comes a touching and lyrical picture book about a parent who encourages their child to find joy and pride in all aspects of their multicultural identity.