Library Kids - April 9, 2015

Library Kids

Thursday, April 9, 2015
Library Kids is Madison Public Library's email newsletter featuring events, news, and recommended books for kids PreK-grade 6.
April 8, 2015 Issue
In this issue:
Featured Events
UW Water Library -- Water Cycles Storytime
Come learn the science behind water with folks from the UW Water Library. We will read, sing and learn about how the water cycle works.
Thursday, April 16, 10:30 - 11:30 at Hawthorne Library - Register online or call 246-4548 to register.
Book Sales Are Great Bargains!
Research shows that children who have access to books grow up to be better readers and are more prepared for school.  Library Friends used book sales are a great way to start or build your home library at a fraction of the cost of buying new books (and, of course, you can always borrow books for free from your local library!  Visit these upcoming sales for great bargains:
Friends of Hawthorne Library Used Book Sale (2707 E. Washington Ave.)
Friday, April 10 - Saturday, April 11
Sale hours Friday, 10 am - 8 pm and Saturday, 9 am - 4 pm (bag sale 2 - 4 pm Saturday).
Friends of Madison Public Library @ Central Library Book Store (201 W. Mifflin St.)
Friday, April 24 - Saturday, April 25
Friends of the Alicia Ashman Library Used Book Sale (733 N. High Point Rd.)
Thursday, April 30 - Saturday, May 2 
Pre-sale Thursday hours, 5-8 pm, Friends members only (may join at door - $5.00/individual, $10.00/ family). Public sale Friday, 9:30 am - 7:00 pm, Saturday, 9:30 am - 3 pm, with bag sale 2-3 pm ($5 a bag, bag supplied).
Friends of Sequoya Library Used Book Sale (Westgate Mall, 442 Westgate Mall next to TJ Maxx)
Saturday, May 2, 9 am - 4 pm
Bag sale on selected items starts at 2 pm.
Food Allergy Awareness
Millions of children around the world are living with food allergies. Whether you live with a food allergy, love someone who does, or just want to boost your allergy awareness, this free family event is for you!  Saturday, April 18, 10 am - 12 pm at Central Library
A wide variety of educational and entertaining activities await:
  • storytime with The Bugabees award-winning author Amy Recob,
  • Ask the Expert with a board-certified allergist and pediatrician from Meriter
  • crafts from Learning Express Toys
  • and goodie bags and giveways (while supplies last).
Upcoming Events
Family Fun Night: My Best Friend Has a Tail and a Wet Nose!
Friday, April 10, 6:30 pm - Goodman South Madison Library  [more info]
Art After Overture
Saturday, April 11, 9:00 am - Central Library  [more info]
Donuts with Dad
Saturday, April 11, 10:00 am - Alicia Ashman Library  [more info]
Read to a Dog
Saturday, April 11, 2:00 pm - Lakeview Library  [more info]
Library LEGO Club - Second Saturday of the Month!
Saturday, April 11, 2:00 pm - Goodman South Madison Library  [more info]
Sunday, April 12, 2:30 pm - Central Library  [more info]
Hora de Cuentos Preescolar: Story Time in Spanish
Monday, April 13, 10:30 am - Goodman South Madison Library  [more info]
Monday, April 13, 10:30 am - Hawthorne Library  [more info]
Toddler Art Class
Monday, April 13, 10:45 am - Sequoya Library  [more info]
Read to a Dog 
Monday, April 13, 2:00 pm - Pinney Library  [more info]
Monday, April 13, 4:00 pm - Hawthorne Library  [more info]
Toys Come to Life with CTM
Tuesday, April 14, 10:00 am - Central Library  [more info]
Tuesday, April 14, 4:00 pm - Meadowridge Library  [more info]
Picasso Foil Art with Karen Corbeil
Tuesday, April 14, 4:00 pm - Lakeview Library  [more info]
Toddler Art Class
Wednesday, April 15, 10:00 am - Sequoya Library  [more info]
Little Yoga
Wednesday, April 15, 10:15 am - Hawthorne Library  [more info]
Wednesday, April 15, 10:30 am - Alicia Ashman Library  [more info]
Toddler Art Class
Wednesday, April 15, 10:45 am - Sequoya Library  [more info]
Meadowridge Minecraft Club
 Wednesday, April 15, 3:00 pm - Meadowridge Library  [more info]
UW Water Library - Water Cycle Story time
Thursday, April 16, 10:30 am - Hawthorne Library  [more info]
Toddler Art Class 
Thursday, April 16, 10:30 am - Pinney Library  [more info]
Thursday, April 16, 3:00 pm - Monroe Street Library  [more info]
The Supper Club
Thursday, April 16, 6:00 am - Alicia Ashman Library  [more info]
Library Laboratory
Friday, April 17, 6:00 pm - Lakeview Library  [more info]
Family Fun Night: Cheshire Cat Moon (at UW Space Place, 2300 S. Park Street)
Friday, April 17, 6:30 pm - Goodman South Madison Library  [more info]
Saturday, April 18, 10:00 am - Monroe Street Library  [more info]
Mad Hatter Tea Party
Saturday, April 18, 11:00 am - Pinney Library  [more info]
New Books

Amulet Keepers
by Michael Northrop
From the team that brought you The 39 Clues and Spirit Animals comes a brand new epic Egyptian adventure! When Alex's mother uses the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead to bring him back from the brink of death, she inadvertently summons a slew of other spirits from the underworld. In Book 2, Alex and his best friend Ren head to London, where people are going missing, treasures are disappearing, and a blood rain is pouring from the skies. Can they stop a powerful Death Walker from destroying the city? Read the book, then continue the adventure online! Build an Egyptian tomb of your own, hide treasure and protect it with traps, then challenge your friends to play through!
Countdown Zero
by Chris Rylander
Ever since Carson Fender was let go by the secret agency that had enlisted his services to help foil a nefarious plot perpetrated by one of their former agents, he's been back to hanging with his friends, pulling pranks, and not having to lie to everyone about how he's spending his days. And that's for the best, isn't it? Of course, this was all before a note showed up in his school lunch, informing him that Agent Nineteen had three days left to live, and that there might still be someone inside the Agency working against them. Carson has always been able to rely on his friends -- but what happens when there's no one left to trust?
Global Baby Boys
by Maya Ajmera
Engaging photographs of baby boys from around the globe celebrate diversity. Bright, colorful photos include rich cultural context, and a simple text explains that no matter where they are born, baby boys can grow up to do anything. Board book edition.
Invites young readers to identify shapes while helping a small girl search the fair for her pet monster.
I Feel Sick!
Tony Ross
Claiming to be too ill to do chores or go to school, the Little Princess makes a miraculous recovery when a party invitation arrives.
It's an exciting day for Llama Llama; he's going to visit Gram and Grandpa Llama and spend the night! His first night away from home....and from Mama. But he makes sure to pack everything he needs. And there are so many fun things to do with Gram and Grandpa. It's not until he gets ready for bed that he realizes that he's forgotten something important. Fuzzy Llama! Fortunately, Grandpa Llama has a wonderful solution and soon Llama Llama is having sweet dreams.
Players who mastered the basics with Minecrafter and leveled up with Minecrafter 2.0 Advanced can now become experts with Minecrafter 3.0 Advanced. Readers can delve into the complex advanced-player worlds of Brewing, Enchanting, and Farming for items and experience and learn how to start making the Holy Grail of Minecraft creations: the megabuild, and make it look great by learning how to use visual boosters like skins, resource packs, and shaders. The book also details new modes of play, the latest updates, and new features all to help you achieve expert Minecrafter status.
The Penderwicks in Spring
by Jeanne Birdsall
As spring arrives on Gardam Street, there are surprises in store for each Penderwick, from neighbor Nick Geiger's expected return from the war to Batty's new dog-walking business, but her plans to use her profits to surprise her family on her eleventh birthday go astray.
Pieces and Players
by Blue Balliet
When thirteen high-value pieces of art are stolen from a secret museum, Calder, Petra, and Tommy are grouped with two new companions to solve puzzles that are complicated by the clever Mrs. Sharpe.
Rita's Rhino
by Tony Ross
When Rita's mother refuses to get her a pet, Rita goes to the zoo and returns with a rhinoceros--but keeping a pet rhino a secret proves to be much trickier than she ever imagined.