Graphic Novels, Comics, and Manga - August 7, 2017

Graphic Novels, Comics, and Manga

Graphic Novels, Comics, and Manga

Monday, August 7, 2017

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This month, we are spotlighting some of the winners of this year's Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards.

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The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye
by Sonny Liew

Eisner Awards: Best Writer/Artist, Best U.S. Edition of International Material, Best Publication Design

Meet Charlie Chan Hock Chye. Now in his early 70s, Chan has been making comics in his native Singapore since 1954, when he was a boy of 16. As he looks back on his career over five decades, we see his stories unfold before us in a dazzling array of art styles and forms, their development mirroring the evolution in the political and social landscape of his homeland and of the comic book medium itself.

Black Hammer, Vol. 1: Secret Origins
by Jeff Lemire (writer) and Dean Ormston (illustrator)

Eisner Award: Best New Series

Once they were heroes, but the age of heroes has long since passed. Banished from existence by a multiversal crisis, the old champions of Spiral City - Abraham Slam, Golden Gail, Colonel Weird, Madame Dragonfly, and Barbalien - now lead simple lives in an idyllic, timeless farming village from which there is no escape! But as they employ all of their super abilities to free themselves from this strange purgatory, a mysterious stranger works to bring them back into action for one last adventure!

Demon, Vol. 3
by Jason Shiga

Eisner Award: Best Graphic Album - Reprint

With his demon powers, nothing is denied Jimmy Yee. Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll--that's just for amateurs. He's experienced every earthly pleasure known to man, and even invented a few of his own. Confident that he and his daughter Sweetpea have outlived all of the their enemies, Jimmy spends his day reveling in his immortality. But after 250 years, immortality is getting a little dull.

by Raina Telgemeier

Eisner Award: Best Publication for Kids (ages 9-12)

Catrina and her family have moved to the coast of Northern California for the sake of her little sister, Maya, who has cystic fibrosis - and Cat is even less happy about the move when she is told that her new town is inhabited by ghosts, and Maya sets her heart on meeting one.

Jughead, Vol. 2
by Chip Zdarsky & Ryan North (writers) and Derek Charm (illustrator)

Eisner Award: Best Humor Publication

New story! New arc! New creative team! Let's not compare them too harshly with the old creative team though - they were awesome. This new team is pretty good too though, lots of talent and they really do try their best.

Love is Love: A Comic Book Anthology to Benefit the Surivors of the Orlando Pulse Shooting
by Sarah Gaydos and Jamie S. Rich (editors)

Eisner Award: Best Anthology

The comic book industry comes together to honor those killed in the Pulse nightclub shooting, which took place on June 12, 2016, in Orlando. This oversize comic contains moving and heartfelt material from some of the greatest talents in comics - mourning the victims, supporting the survivors, celebrating the LGBTQ community, and examining love in today's world.

March, Book 3
by John Lewis & Andrew Aydin (writers) and Nate Powell (illustrator)

Eisner Award: Best Reality-Based Work

By the fall of 1963, the Civil Rights Movement has penetrated deep into the American consciousness, and as chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, John Lewis is guiding the tip of the spear. Through relentless direct action, SNCC continues to force the nation to confront its own blatant injustice, but for every step forward, the danger grows more intense...

Saga, Vol. 7
by Brian K. Vaughan (writer) and Fiona Staples (illustrator)

Eisner Awards: Best Continuing Series, Best Writer, Best Cover Artist, Best Penciller/Inker

Finally reunited with her ever-expanding family, Hazel travels to a war-torn comet that Wreath and Landfall have been battling over for ages. New friendships are forged and others are lost forever in this action-packed volume about families, combat and the refugee experience.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 5: I’m the Only Squirrel in the World
by Ryan North (writer) and Erica Henderson (illustrator)

Eisner Award: Best Publication for Teens (ages 13-­17)

Everyone gets a week-long break from class, and Squirrel Girl is taking Nancy to visit her parents up in Canada! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG, RIGHT? Turns out, nothing! It's a great trip and nothing of note happens and our story is actually EXTREMELY DULL. Sorry everyone. No, just kidding! Our story is actually SUPER AWESOME and things get real crazy real quick once a certain super-powered villain nobody has heard of for over a decade reappears!

The Vision, Vol. 2: Little Better than a Beast
by Tom King (writer) and Gabriel Walta (illustrator)

Eisner Award: Best Limited Series

Once upon a time a robot and a witch fell in love. What followed was a tale of the dead and the dying, of the hopeful and the lost, of the wronged and the avenged. And in the end, after both had fallen, the witch and the robot rose from their dirt and eyed each other across a field of blood and bone. Forty-five years in the making, this is the story of Scarlet Witch and the Vision. Before family, there was love. And war.

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon
by Jill Thompson

Eisner Awards: Best Graphic Album, Best Painter/Multimedia Artist

See Wonder Woman like you've never seen her before! Young Diana has the fawning attention of her nation, but she soon grows spoiled and ungrateful. When a series of tragic events takes its toll, Diana must learn to grow up, take responsibility, and seize her destiny.