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eBook Update - May 7, 2018


Monday, May 7, 2018

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Dig Into Fiction This Spring

Spring is a great time to start new projects, and it marks the perfect time to dig into a really good novel.  The novels listed below defy categorization, but they do all share the common trait of giving readers plenty to contemplate.  Finding acclaimed fiction in Overdrive will be easier in the future.  Look for the appearance of an Award search option on the Overdrive site in the coming weeks. 

Other features have been added to Overdrive recently.  Titles that have been recommended and purchased will now be automatically added to the requesting individuals' hold lists.  When borrowing a title, users can now stipulate how long a loan period is needed for each title.   

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by Caitlin Macy

Elegant Philippa Lye has managed to rise to the top of New York’s Upper East Side society by marrying into one of the city’s last family-held investment banks, in spite of a shadowy past. Adept at holding herself above the gossip that her community thrives on, her carefully constructed life is disrupted when two women threaten to topple it all. Gwen Hogan knows a secret about Philippa’s single days and Minnie Curtis, newly wealthy and painfully frank, remembers Philippa’s harrowing upbringing a world away from her current neighborhood. When Gwen’s prosecutor husband uncovers a connection between Philippa’s past and criminal investigation, this insulated society is forced to confront the rot at its core and the price it has paid to survive into the new millennium.

Girls Burn Brighter
by Shobha Rao

Poornima and Savitha have the odds stacked against them: they are poor, they are ambitious and they are in girls. In their Indian village their future seems to only hold an arranged marriage, but with the independent-minded Savitha joins her household, Poornima begins to hope for a larger life. But when a devastating act of cruelty drives Savitha away, Poornima leaves behind everything she has ever known to find her friend. Journeying through the darkest corners of India’s underworld, across continents and oceans, the girls face harsh obstacles but choose never to lose the hope that burns within.

Only Child
by Rhiannon Navin

Squeezed into a coat closet with his classmates and teacher, first grader Zach Taylor can hear gunshots ringing through the halls of his school. A gunman has entered the building, taking nineteen lives and irrevocably changing the very fabric of this close-knit community. While Zach's mother pursues a quest for justice against the shooter's parents, holding them responsible for their son's actions, Zach retreats into his super-secret hideout and loses himself in a world of books and art. Armed with his newfound understanding, and with the optimism and stubbornness only a child could have, Zach sets out on a captivating journey towards healing and forgiveness, determined to help the adults in his life rediscover the universal truths of love and compassion needed to pull them through their darkest hours.

Alternate Side
by Anna Quindlen

Some days Nora Nolan thinks that she and her husband, Charlie, lead a charmed life—except when there's a crisis at work, a leak in the roof at home, or a problem with their twins at college. And why not? New York City was once Nora's dream destination, and her clannish dead-end block has become a safe harbor, a tranquil village amid the urban craziness. Then one morning, Nora returns from her run to discover that a terrible incident has shaken the neighborhood, and the enviable dead-end block turns into a potent symbol of a divided city. The fault lines begin to open: on the block, at Nora's job, especially in her marriage. With an acute eye that captures the snap crackle of modern life, Anna Quindlen explores what it means to be a mother, a wife, and a woman at a moment of reckoning.

by Jo Nesbo

Set in the 1970s in a run-down, rainy industrial town, Jo Nesbo's Macbeth centers around a police force struggling to shed an incessant drug problem. Duncan, chief of police, is idealistic and visionary, a dream to the townspeople but a nightmare for criminals. The drug trade is ruled by two drug lords, one of whom—a master of manipulation named Hecate—has connections with the highest in power, and plans to use them to get his way. Hecate's plot hinges on steadily, insidiously manipulating Inspector Macbeth: the head of SWAT and a man already susceptible to violent and paranoid tendencies. What follows is a gripping story of love and guilt, political ambition, and greed for more, exploring the darkest corners of human nature, and the aspirations of the criminal mind.

by Akwaeke Emezi

Prayed into existence by her childless parents, Ada enters life as a troubled baby and a continued concern to her south Nigerian family. A splintered and volatile child, her sense of self is divided. When Ada comes of age and moves to America for college, the group of selves within her grows in power and agency. As Ada fades into the background of her own mind and these alters—now protective, now hedonistic—move into control, Ada's life spirals in a dark and dangerous direction.

by Christine Mangan

The last person Alice Shipley expected to see since arriving in Tangier with her new husband was Lucy Mason. After the accident at Bennington, the two friends—once inseparable roommates—haven't spoken in over a year. But there Lucy was, trying to make things right and return to their old rhythms. Perhaps Alice should be happy. She has not adjusted to life in Morocco, too afraid to venture out into the bustling medinas and oppressive heat. Lucy—always fearless and independent—helps Alice emerge from her flat and explore the country. But soon a familiar feeling starts to overtake Alice—she feels controlled and stifled by Lucy at every turn. Then Alice's husband, John, goes missing, and Alice starts to question everything around her: her relationship with her enigmatic friend, her decision to ever come to Tangier, and her very own state of mind.

by Xhenet Aliu

Elsie is chasing tips as a waitress in Waterbury, Connecticut when she meets Bashkim, an Albanian immigrant. Both worldly and naïve, he chased the American dream to Waterbury, a factory city that once attracted immigrants like Elsie’s parents, but now is a former shell of itself. When Elsie learns she’s pregnant, she has to wonder where Bashkim’s heart really lies—with her or the wife he left behind. Seventeen years later, Luljeta feels like all her options are drying up. Stuck in Connecticut, it seems she’s fated to a life like her mother Elsie—something she’s not willing to accept. Thinking that her future is tied to the father she never knew, Lulu sets out to find out the truth. But as she soon discovers, the truth might be much closer to home than she ever imagined.

by Andrew Sean Greer

Arthur Less, failed novelist, is facing two pivotal life events: his impending fiftieth birthday and the wedding of his former long-term boyfriend to someone else. Faced with the dilemma of going to the wedding (too awkward) or refusing (too much like defeat), Less chooses to flee. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty. Ranging from near-death in Berlin to near-love in Paris, an awkward jaunt to a Christian Retreat Center in southern India and an improbable meeting on a desert island, Less is a satire with heart as Less comes to terms with all his missteps and mistakes to come to a bittersweet understanding of his life and choices. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

The House of Broken Angels
by Luis Alberto Urrea

In his final days, beloved and ailing patriarch Miguel Angel de La Cruz, affectionately called Big Angel, has summoned his entire clan for one last legendary birthday party. But as the party approaches, his mother, nearly one hundred, dies herself, leading to a farewell doubleheader in a single weekend. Among the guests is Big Angel's half brother, known as Little Angel, who must reckon with the truth that although he shares a father with his siblings, he has not, as a half gringo, shared a life. Across two bittersweet days in their San Diego neighborhood, the revelers celebrate the lives of Big Angel and his mother, and recount the many inspiring tales that have passed into family lore, the acts both ordinary and heroic that brought these citizens to a fraught and sublime country and allowed them to flourish in the land they have come to call home.