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Carissa's App Picks for Kids - March 1, 2018

Carissa's App Picks for Kids
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Thursday, March 1, 2018

These are Carissa's app picks from the past month. You can see all of her picks on the Library's website and, if you want to learn even more, join us each month for a Tuesday evening program called The Supper Club at the Alicia Ashman Library. Check our calendar for dates and more information. Bring your family, bring your dinner and discover new apps... together!

Cache-Cache Ville (Hide & Seek Village)

Cache-Cache Ville (Hide & Seek Village)

Reviewed on 02/28/18


Peek inside houses and see what goes on inside the red walls.  This French app (which includes an English option) is based on a print book that comes with a red filtering viewer. If you have one from a secret code activity or if you have some other transparent red object you can use that with the app but even if you have none of these, the app includes a red transparent circle on the screen that you can move over the picture to reveal the animated blue line drawings within. What bizarre things are going on behind closed doors and inside red vehicles? Once you’ve explored all of the areas in the app, there’s also the option to draw your own secret picture inside a house! Unique gameplay simple enough for very young users to navigate and intriguing enough to entertain older users. Note: there is some nudity in the form of a male statue in a museum.


Age group: Baby/toddlerPreschoolGrades K-2
Platform: AndroidiOS
Keyword tags: AnimalsArtBook AppGoogle PlayThings that Go

Fiete Wintersports

Fiete Wintersports

Reviewed on 02/20/18


Help Fiete and his friends compete in the Winter Olympics!  Are you watching the Olympics but want a more interactive way to experience them?  Or maybe you just need some inspiration for different ways to play outside during the colder months?  Or perhaps it’s the middle of summer and you’d just really enjoy thinking about snow? Whatever your reason, you’re sure to enjoy these 14 quick easy games featuring Fiete the sailor and his two best sailor friends. Everyone is guaranteed a medal, but you might have to work pretty hard to work your way up to gold!


Age group: PreschoolGrades K-2
Platform: iOS
Keyword tags: CharactersGamesNatureNBC15Things that Go



Reviewed on 02/19/18


This oddball app straddles the line between adorable and gross while challenging logic skills and dexterity.  Help the little green piggy escape from the hungry red monster by luring the monster into a trap.  What does the monster like to eat besides the piggy himself?  Why, the giant green goobers that the pig sneezes out, of course! As you conquer the levels, the difficulties increase with more predators added, trickier maps to navigate, fields of sneezy flowers that make the pig sneeze even harder. Although there are no time limits, some of the levels involve tricky timing to make sure the monster can’t see the pig while he’s being lured into a trap. If you have a child that would be upset by seeing a giant mosquito suck the piggy dry (like a deflation balloon) or get too easily frustrated when the piggy gets eaten and the level starts again, this might not be the right app for you.  Otherwise, this is an excellent one for kids and adults to play together (as long as you’re not too grossed out by the goobers!).


Age group: Grades 3-5Grades 6-8
Platform: iOS
Keyword tags: AnimalsEngineeringFamily PlayGamesPuzzlesSTEM