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Booked for Teens - May 7, 2018


Booked for Teens

Monday, May 7, 2018

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Lots of sequels and continuations of beloved series this month-- and a brand new book (series starter?) from Ally Carter! March is a hard month because it feels like it should be spring, but we're actually SOOOOO far away. Grab one of these great YA books and wait out the winter weather.

If you're ever looking for recommendations, email me at I LOVE to talk books!


9 Days and 9 Nights
by Katie Cotugno

This sequel to Cotugno's terrific summertime angsty romance 99 Days finds Morgan on a European vacation with her cute college boyfriend. The past is behind her and everything is going great until they run into her old flame Gabe on the tube platform with his new girlfriend. LONGING AND SECRETS AND ANGST AND ROMANCE IN EUROPE! Exactly what you need!

From Twinkle, With Love
by Sandya Menon

Twinkle Mehra is an aspiring filmmaker who is much more comfortable behind the camera. When she's chosen by the brother of her long term crush to participate in a local film festival, she envisions all of her dreams-- artistic and romantic-- coming true...until she falls for the wrong brother. A fresh and fun story of young love and ambition from the author of the adorable When Dimple Met Rishi.

by Julie Murphy

A companion novel to Julie Murphy's fun, funny, fabulous, and beloved debut novel Dumplin',  Puddin' follows Millie Michalchuk as she ditches fat camp and spends the summer pursuing her dreams to be a newscaster, and to kiss her crush. Along the way she stumbles across friendship in unexpected places. 

Ship It
by Britta Lundin

Fangirl Claire, and the star of her favorite show (and her ultra popular fanfic), Forest, disagree about one major things: whether or not his character is gay. The two hit the con circuit together, learning about life, and what it is to be a fan and have fans together. One of them might even find love along the way.

Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now
Dana Davis

After the death of her mother, Tiffany Sly has to move from the only home she's known in Chicago, to live with her strict, wealthy bio dad and his four daughters. Tiffany struggles to adjust as she struggles with a secret she needs to share before it blows up her new life before she figures out her place in it.

by Brandon Kiely

Two students find themselves up against generations of tradition and priviledge when they challenge their prestigious New England boarding school's shady practices surrounding sexism and consent. Kiely, author of the quiet but spectacular The Gospel of Winter (2014), about abuse in a Catholic parish, has a gift for exposing the layers of deeply corrupt systems in thoughful, realitic way. Should be great.