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Booked for Teens - May 24, 2018


Booked for Teens

Thursday, May 24, 2018




It's already hot, it's already humid. You should have ALREADY STARTED on the best genre to read during the long, hot, summer days-- YA Romance. It is truly the best thing to dive into poolside, in your back yard, on someone's patio, on vacation. The biggest sunglasses you can find, tall glass of iced tea, and a pair of flip flops you accidentaly throw off with you kick your legs in squee. Have I set the scene? Good. Read these books.
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Almost Impossible
by Nicole Williams


A girl who is used to traveling around with her ultra famous rock musician mother ends up (reluctantly) spending a quiet summer at home. Next door to an very annoying neighbor. A very cute annoying neighbor. He's very annoying, though. And literally the boy next door. SUMMER LOVE. 




From Twinkle, With Love
by Sandhya Menon


This one was already featured in the newsletter, but one can't talk about Sandhya Menon enough. Set in a competitive summer film making festival, a teen girl is trying to get her movie made while juggling two brothers that she has complicated feelings for. Much like When Dimple Met Rishi, this book bubbles over with joy.




My So-Called Bollywood Life
by Nisha Sharma


A pandit made a ton of predictions about Winnie's love life, so she's pretty sure how everything's going to play out-- until she finds the boy she knows she was DESTINED to be with kissing another girl. Suddenly her perfect Bollywood Romance goes sideways, and she finds herself thrown into the path of a boy who can't POSSIBLY be her destiny.. can he?




Save the Date
by Morgan Matson


I *think* Morgan Matson writes my very favorite teen summer romances. But don't hold me to it, I might say that about several authors on this list. She's so so great at it, though. Perfect combination of that sunshine vibe, big feelings, and stomach flipping sweetness. This one is set at a giant family wedding. Can't wait.




Starry Eyes
by Jenn Bennett


Last summer my favorite swoony summer read by Alex, Approximatelyby Jenn Bennett (read it! it will be just as good THIS summer!), and this is her new book. A camping trip gone terribly wrong ends up with two former friends stuck out in the woods together. Wink wink. 




Stay Sweet
Siobahn Vivian


Taking summer jobs against your will is a common trope of these types of books, and it's one I can't get enough of. What a terrific way to throw characters together. Also a great excuse for lots of gratuitous ice cream content. 




Summer of Jordi Perez
by Amy Spalding


This books comes on glowling recommendation from a staff member that really knows her stuff. A fashion-obsessed teen, with a popular plus-size style blog, gets a stellar internship that's she's SURE is going to launch her career. Enter Jordi Perez-- who becomes both the girl she's falling for, and her main competition.




The Way You Make Me Feel
Maurene Goo


This is a great one for people who like their heroines on the prickly side. Prickly girls find love over the summer, too! Long summers of working in your dad's Brazilion-Korean food truck! With your sworn enemy! Funny, sweet, and full of good food.