Booked for Teens - March 5, 2017


Booked for Teens

Sunday, March 5, 2017

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What's New in March

It's going to be spring by the end of the month. LOLOLOLOL just kidding. This is Wisconsin. There IS a great selection of new teen books sprouting up this month, fresh with dew!


Blood Rose Rebellion
by Rosalyn Eves

Anna lives in a world where magic is as important to high society as money and noble birth. When it comes out she cannot cast spells, she can only break them, she's exiled to Hungary. Turns out her gifts are VERY valued by those trying to start a rebellion. This historical fantasy is the first in a triology.

Camp So-and-So
by Mary McCoy

25 girls are invived to Camp So-and-So, and things take a turn for the weird right away. Left to their own devices, each cabin must navigate a mysterious web of clues and traps, and no one is sure who is pulling the strings. A unique and creepy take on classic camp stories. 

Done Dirt Cheap
by Sarah Nicole Lemon

Two young women-- one the daghter of the president of a motorcyle club; the other working for the lawyer who is trying to bring the club down-- form an unlikely friendship. Both are dealing with some heavy issues under the surface, and both prove to be strong, capable heroines.

Goodbye Days
by Jeff Zenter

The author of last year's spectacular The Serpent King is back with the emtional story of a young man struggling with grief and guilt after the death of his closest friends. Carver wasn't in the car with his best friends when the crash happened, but he was texting with them. The town is divided over whether or not the accident was his fault, and so is he. 

by Meagan Spooner

A lush, cozy retelling of Beauty and the Beast with shades of Russian folklore. Yeva, a skilled hunter, sets out to find her missing father. When she's captured by the beast she believes killed him, she vows revenge. But things, as you can imagine, are not always what they seem. 

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life
by Benjamin Alire Saaenz

Sal's mother died when he was very small, but he has always known a warm, loving home with his adoptive father. He starts questioning his past and future when he has a violent reaction to bullying his senior year. With a group of close friends and spectacular extended family, Sal has a lot of support to give and take. Second novel by superstar author of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Universe.

Waking in Time
by Angie Stanton

A sweet time travel mystery that finds a young woman traveling backwards in time, and a young man traveling forward-- until they meet in the middle. Taking place in and around the UW campus, this title has both swoon AND local history appeal.

You're Welcome Universe
by Whitney Gardner

Julia is expelled from the Kingston School for the Deaf after she paints some unapologetic graffiti in defense of a friend. Life in a public school comes with the challenges of an interpreter and unwanted attention, but her art and some realizations about the nature of friendship keep her going. 

Bone Witch
by Rin Chupeco

A sweeping, atmospheric fantasy series starter, Bone Witch is being praised for its spectacular world building. A young witch recounts her witchy past to a bard, as she prepares for an epic battle.

Just a Girl
by Carrie Mesrobian

Mesrobean's raw depiction (and lack of hand-wringing) of sex and teens drives this dark-edged novel about a high school senior with a bad reputation who needs to decide what comes after graduation.