Booked for Teens - June 5, 2017


Booked for Teens

Monday, June 5, 2017

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What's New in June? 

Seafaring adventure! 18th century romps! Lots of sequels! Teen activists! Something about wealthy people causing problems and scandals for each other at their summer homes (why can't I get enough of this storyline?) Any of these titles can be read and added to this summer's Teen Choice Awards-- more info to follow! 


And Then There Were Four
by Nancy Werlin

A group of teens survive a freak accident, only to have ANOTHER freak accident befall them-- this time everyone doesn't make it out alive. As things progress they begin to suspect someone is trying to kill them. And that someone might be their parents. Good old fashioned who-dunit suspense. 

Bad Romance
by Heather Demetrios

Grace has always used dreams of her life after high school as an escape from her troubled home life. When she meets Gavin-- popular, handsome, and protective, his attention and affection seem like the refuge she's been looking for. But Grace's nightmare just keeps spiraling as protective turns into obsessive. A grim, but ultimately empowering story of abuse.

Be True to Me
by Adele Griffin

An exclusive, richy-rich summer island? An outsider that comes in a causes trouble? Love triangles? The 1970's? SUSPENSE? Yes, please, yes. Please. It's summer. Yes.

Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue
by Mackenzi Lee

Oh, swoon. This 18th century queer romance/swashbuckling adventure/road novel lives up to all the hype. Put this at the top of your list for the summer. Charming, cocky Monty sets out for his Grand Tour with his best friend/hopeless crush Percy, and his bookish sister. The expectation is that he'll get his rakish ways (and attraction to boys) out of his system, and return to run his family's estate. Things, needless to say, do not go as planned. 

The Leaf Reader
by Emily Arsenault

Marnie, a self-professed outsider, teaches herself to read tea leaves, only to find she has some psychic abilities. A popular basketball player asks for her help finding information about his best friend who went missing a few years ago, and what she reads in the leaves is at odds with her growing feelings for him. 

Midnight Jewel
by Richelle Mead

YA Superstar Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy, Bluebloods, etc...) is back with the second Gilttering Court novel, interconnected stories of Regency-era girls "recruited" to learn the ways of society women, and are sold off as wives to up-and-coming men on the frontier. Midnight Jewel follows a young refugee with a fool proof plan for freedom, and the spy who messes it all up.

Now I Rise
by Kiersten White

This strong sequel to Kiersten White's And I Darken continues the epic alternate history, where Vlad the Impaler is a female. Full of polital intrigue, tests of loyalty, and lush and immersive prose, this middle book in the trilogy could stand on its own.

Once and For All
Sarah Dessen

New Sarah Dessen! Oh happy day! Helping out at her mother's wedding planning business has left Louna cynical about love, and there's no way charming ladies man Ambrose (how's that for a YA love interest name!) is going to change that. Of course, there is more to everyone that meets the eye. As the two get closer, the real reason that Louna stays away from romance is revealed. 

Rebels Like Us
by Liz Reinhardt

A biracial teen moves from Brooklyn to a small southern town, and all her plans to keep her head down and quietly finish her senior year are thrown out the window when she finds out her new school holds two, segregrated proms. She teams up with a group of like minded students to try to make some changes, and learns some tough lessons about the price of going against tradition. Inspiring, with the added bonus of a sizzling romance.

Song of the Current
by Sarah Tolcser

Caroline knows her destiny lies on the river-- once the river god whispers the okay, she'll be a wherryman just like her father. When he gets himself in a spot of trouble, Caroline hopes to speed up the process by transporting some mysterious cargo in exchange for his release. But the transport of mysterious cargo never goes smoothly. This series starter is both a compelling fantasy and a nautical adventure.