Booked for Teens - July 5, 2017


Booked for Teens

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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What's New in July? 

Summer is going strong at this point, and whether you ACTUALLY have time to laze about with a book, it sure feels like the right thing to do, so check out these new titles out in July. Also, check out out the Madison Public Library's Teen Choice Awards [] if you haven't already-- a good spot to promote your favorite books to like-minded readers, give your opinions (we NEED to hear them!), help choose the best book of the summer, and maybe win a prize or two. Check it out! It's so easy!


Ash and Quill (The Great Library #3)
by Rachel Caine

The third in this immersive adventure series find a group of rebels trying to infiltrate the Library of Alexandria, which is still standing, and is hoarding all of the knowledge of the world. The more Jess finds out about the secretive and mysterious library, the deeper they find its reach goes. They might have to hide, they might have to hide, they might have to die-- but they must save the books. 

Because You Love to Hate Me
by Ameriie (ed.)

Thirteen stellar YA authors team up with thirteen famous BookTubers to tell thirteen familiar tales, but from the villian's perspective. These humanizing tales of heartbreak and woe will put you in the mind of even the nastiest of villians. Stories ranging from fairy tales to greek myths to Sherlock Holms; a diverse group of hot YA authors, and book bloggers with huge followings-- there are a lot of entry points to this unique collection of stories.

The Disappearances
by Emily Bain Murphy

After her mother's death, Aila and her little brother moved to the mysterious town of Sterling, where every seven years something subtle but vital disappears from the town-- the smell of flowers, reflections in mirrors, even dreams. Aila gets the vibe her mother is somehow involved in these disappearances, and as the next seven year mark approaches, she has to puzzle together the clues left by her family and the town to try to set things right. 

The Ends of the World (Conspiracy of Us #3)
by Maggie Hall

The third and final installment of the exciting and swoony Conspiracy of Us series finds Avery, heir to powerful secret socity called The Circle, gearing up for a final battle to put a stop to a dangerous conspiracy. This globe-trotting thriller has glamor, suspense, AND an ultra-angsty love triangle... what more could you ask for?

Lucky in Love
by Kasie West

Kasie West's sweet, straighforward romances are always a good bet for summer reading. Maddie, a focused high school senior, is preparing to reap the benefits of all her hard work as she waits for college admission letters to start rolling in. Then she wins $50 million dollars in the lottery. Once word gets out everything changes; both the way people treat her, and the way she looks at her own life. The only constant in her newly wealthy life is an adorable coworker, who hasn't heard the news yet. Can Maddie stay on course? Will she find love with this cute coworker? I bet you know the answer. Read it anyway, romance is good for the soul.

Rosie Girl
by Julie Shepard

A controversial, salacious new thriller with the promise of a twist ending. Rosie needs to get out of her abusive home situation, and when she finds out her birth mother is still alive, she and her best friend Mary come up with a scheme to raise the funds to find her-- Rosie will book the johns and Mary will turn the tricks. The backstory of how these two girls got into such desperate circumstances is revealed little by little, and the ending of this unsettling thriller will stay with readers, for better or worse, long after the final page.

Words on Bathroom Walls
by Julie Walton

Told through journal entries, Words on Bathroom Walls chronicals 10 months in the life of Adam Petrazelli, a teenager with schizophrenia. Adam is starting fresh at a new high school, and participating in a drug trial that seems to be working. He eases into a "normal", stigma-free life, complete with friends and a girlfriend. But when the drugs start losing their effectiveness, Adam can't hide his secret for much longer. Gritty, tense, and honest, this debut novel is getting lots of buzz.

The Last Magician
by Lisa Maxwell

Magic is against the law, and those that still still practice, the Mageus, are in hiding. But if Esta, a young thief, can get her hands on this one old book, she might be able to change history enough to change the fate of the Mageus. Of course, that means traveling back in time to 1901. And staying alive. And not falling in love with an old-timey magician.