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Wisconsin Book Festival Presents Angela Garbes for Like a Mother

Tuesday, Apr 27, 7:00pm to 8:00pm

A candid, feminist, and personal deep dive into the science and culture of pregnancy and motherhood. Like most first-time mothers, Angela Garbes was filled with questions when she became pregnant. What exactly is a placenta and how does it function? How does a body go into labor? Why is breast best? Is wine totally off-limits? But as she soon discovered, it’s not easy to find satisfying answers. Your obstetrician will cautiously quote statistics; online sources will scare you with conflicting and often inaccurate data; and even the most trusted books will offer information with a heavy dose of judgment. To educate herself, the food and culture writer embarked on an intensive journey of exploration, diving into the scientific mysteries and cultural attitudes that surround motherhood to find answers to questions that had only previously been given in the form of advice about what women ought to do—rather than allowing them the freedom to choose the right path for themselves.

Angela Garbes will appear on Crowdcast to discuss her book, Like a MotherJoin the event at: