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NewBridge Book Discussion of "A Girl Named Zippy" by Haven Kimmel

Wednesday, Mar 6, 2024, 10:00am to 11:00am

Join us for a book discussion of "A Girl Named Zippy" by Haven Kimmel. New members always welcome!  Please check with library staff for location or Zoom link.

"When Haven Kimmel was born in 1965, Mooreland, Indiana, was a sleepy little hamlet of three hundred people. Nicknamed "Zippy" for the way she would bolt around the house, this small girl was possessed of big eyes and even bigger ears. In this witty and lovingly told memoir, Kimmel takes readers back to a time when small-town America was caught in the amber of the innocent postwar period–people helped their neighbors, went to church on Sunday, and kept barnyard animals in their backyards.

Laced with fine storytelling, sharp wit, dead-on observations, and moments of sheer joy, Haven Kimmel's straight-shooting portrait of her childhood gives us a heroine who is wonderfully sweet and sly as she navigates the quirky adult world that surrounds Zippy." --