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MadTech Series: Where You Need to Be: Channels and Mediums

Conference Room 104
Thursday, Apr 30, 1:00pm to 3:30pm

What's a medium? What's a channel? We are going to discuss both. You've probably heard the phrase "The medium is the message " in this session we will explore the why the "where why when and how" of your communications are important. This can help you reduce channel creep (trying to be everywhere) and focus on the types of messages you're faster at creating and better at communicating. This session will discuss major platforms in the U.S. including Mailchimp Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube and then the growing number of upstarts and global contenders. The final 2020 session. Thursday May 21 2020 from 1 pm until 3:30 pm at Madison Public Library. Classes are free and co-sponsored by the Madison Public Library Register at