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MADTech Series: Google Forms / Spreadsheets - Step One to Useful Automation

Conference Room 104
03/21/2019 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

In the last session, we introduced you to Streak CRM and some similar tools. This session will follow-up with how you can make these tools more useful by using Google Forms and Google Spreadsheets. Google Forms can be a powerful data collection tool and a massive time savior. Google Forms can move you from manually collecting random bits of information from small to large groups of people, to allowing individuals to provide you data in an easy to use, easy to verify

In this session, you'll learn the foundations of data automation, as they related to tool selection. Tool selection is undervalued, many of us use whatever tool someone sticks in front of us, but not all tools are built equally. You'll learn a bit about automation, sharing data between tools, and a tiny, tiny bit about APIs.

Tools: Google Forms, Google Spreadsheets, Streak CRM, Zapier

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