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MadTech Series: Google Drive— Setting Up Google Drive Well

Conference Room 104
Thursday, Nov 3, 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Join us for lunchtime learning with Collaboration For Good. In-person at the Central Library. FREE, registration required

A large number of solo entrepreneurs and businesses use Google Drive to run their businesses. They share their work with teammates, collaborators, funders, and investors. But for many, that experience is chaotic and fraught with some people never having access to the right files, and others that seemingly have access to everything. People who can't find anything, and worse… those that delete everything they don't care about.

We're not going to solve the component of the issue that is just people doing what people do. But we can work on the issue of you creating a set-up that allows for a solid foundation of creating and sharing documents and folders amongst your company, your team or your collaborators with some simple and solid rules and a not too complex 'Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for using your Google Drive.


  • Rapid Review of Prior Sessions
  • Quick Overview — Google Drive vs Google Workspace
  • Some Best Practices for Setting Your— Google Drive or Shared Folder Structure
  • Some Common Pitfalls— In Using Google Drive
  • Creating and Sharing— an SOP for Shared Drives
  • Q& A— What Do You Want to Know?