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MadTech Series: A CRM in Gmail? Streak CRM

Meeting Room 302
Thursday, Sep 29, 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Join us for luncthime learning with Collaboration For Good. In-person at the Central Library. FREE, registration required

Streak helps you organize your emails and manage business-related processes with pipelines and records (pipelines and boxes). In this session, we will do a brief intro to Streak CRM and how to customize it for your nonprofit or small business. Then dive into the features and functions that might make you cry in relief. Data tracking, mail merges, notes, calls, tasks, and the ability to track communications across projects or specific to a project depending on set-up. An affordable, customizable entry into the CRM (customer/client relationship management) tool market, with nonprofit pricing for a team or pro-level usage. See how much more you can be doing, with less effort.


  • What's a CRM and Why You Should Have One
  • Why Streak CRM? For Nonprofits & Small Businesses
  • Pipelines, Stages, and Fields — Setting up Campaigns, Projects, more…
  • Mail Merges, Communication Tracking, +
  • Q& A— What Do You Want to Know?