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Letterpress Design with Metal Ornaments: Bookmarks

Saturday, Jul 20, 2024, 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Join Pinney Library Studio's Artist-in-Residence Phil Hassett, owner of Washboard Press, to learn how to set & lock up metal type letterpress ornaments and explore modular pattern and design. Printers' Ornaments are decorative embellishments including flourishes and garnishes.

In this workshop, participants will work with type ornaments and spacing to hand-set decorative designs and print them on a set of bookmarks. You will have the opportunity to print multiple bookmarks and exchange with each other. Learn about printer’s measurements, spacing material, basic printer’s math, and think about shape, form, whitespace and composition in ornamental design. No previous experience with typesetting or printmaking is needed.  Please note: this workshop involves handling typemetal, which is an alloy of lead and other metals. We will discuss the safe handling of metal type and best practices to reduce lead exposure. 

This 2 hour workshop is for adults and older teens at least 14+.  Registration is currently full - reach out to Pinney Library via phone (608-224-7100) or email to inquire about joining the waitlist.

About the Artist: Phil Hassett is a local letterpress printer living in Madison, WI, where he maintains a small collection of historic printing presses and a growing collection of historic and modern printing type. A lifelong musician, he named his print studio Washboard Press because of the sound one of his presses makes, and because he enjoys doing by hand what is now more usually done in a more automated way.