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Let's Talk Saving Our Songbirds

Meeting Rooms A and B Combined
Thursday, May 30, 2024, 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Nearly 3 billion birds, or 30%, have vanished from North America since 1970 and Wisconsin echoes these losses. The birds we most want to see and hear have suffered the biggest declines: warblers, finches, sparrows and blackbirds.
The good news is the average Wisconsinite can be part of the solution! Lisa Gaumnitz of SOS Save Our Songbirds will talk about three actions you can take at home--plant, protect, purchase--to save songbirds.
This event is sponsored by the Midvale Heights Green Team and Sequoya Library.

About the presenter: Major bird and nature conservation organizations launched SOS Save Our Songbirds in March 2023 to raise awareness of birds’ dire situation and spur action at home. 
By providing basic Wisconsin-tailored information,  hands-on events, discounts and supplies, we’re helping people make small changes at home to give birds the habitat they need year-round and reduce window threats.
Together, we’re saving Wisconsin songbirds one yard, one window, and one cup of coffee at a time!