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Lakeview Book Discussion of "No One Is Coming to Save Us"

Community Room - Fireplace Side
Thursday, Aug 1, 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Join us around the fireplace for a discussion of "No One Is Coming to Save Us" by Stephanie Powell Watts. New members always welcome!

Synopsis: JJ Ferguson has returned home to Pinewood, North Carolina, to build his dream house and to pursue his high school sweetheart, Ava. But as he reenters his former world, where factories are in decline and the legacy of Jim Crow is still felt, he’s startled to find that the people he once knew and loved have changed just as much as he has. Ava is now married and desperate for a baby, though she can’t seem to carry one to term. Her husband, Henry, has grown frustrated by the demise of the furniture industry, which has stripped the area of jobs. And Ava’s mother, Sylvia, meddles in the lives of those around her, trying to fill the void left by her absent son.

JJ’s return quickly stirs up the entire town, as the ostentatious wealth he’s attained forces everyone to consider the cards they’ve been dealt. Can they reorient their lives to align with their wishes rather than their current realities? Or are they all already resigned to the rhythms of the particular lives they lead? -- book cover