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Domestic Girlfriend

Community Room
Friday, Mar 13, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Natsuo is a high schooler experiencing the crushing despair of unrequited love towards his teacher Hina. In an attempt to lift his spirits he attends a mixer where he meets a girl named Rui. The two sleep together expecting never to see one another again but fate has other plans. His life suddenly becomes more complicated when his father comes home and announces he has remarried a woman with two daughters whom Natsuo has met before: Hina and Rui! screening permission and image courtesy of Crunchyroll A wide range of anime genres are shown - primarily titles newly released (or re-released) in the US with a few classic older titles mixed in. This anime series is for adults and older teens many of the films are equivalent to an R rating. All films are shown in Japanese with English subtitles and refreshments are always served.