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DC Executive Joe Parisi -- Future of renewable energy development in Dane Co.

Meeting Room
02/21/2019 - 10:30am to 11:30am

County Executive Parisi is holding a community discussion and update on the work Dane County is doing to clean up our lakes, finance renewable energy development, and the benefits this brings to county taxpayers.

Dane County continues to add to our solar portfolio and complete our
analysis on what we and other public and private partners can do locally to further reduce carbon emissions. In addition, work has begun on our current endeavor, a $23.5 million landfill gas project that will convert garbage and cow manure into vehicle fuel. Gas from our county landfill can be compressed, cleaned and marketed nationally to earn carbon and renewable energy credits. That means millions of dollars each year for taxpayers!

Joe would like the opportunity to visit for one hour regarding the
county’s future with renewable energy, presenting for about 30 minutes
then allowing for questions.
This event is sponsored by NewBridge. NewBridge empowers older adults to access affordable resources to maintain their health, safety, independence and community connection.