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Credit and Budgeting Financial Workshop

Meeting Room 115
Thursday, Sep 26, 6:30pm to 7:30pm

"It's rude to talk about money" is a huge myth that keeps many in the dark. In fact, the more we know about the workings of money, credit scores, savings, and even budgeting - the better we can do:

To meet current and ongoing financial obligations,

Feel secure in our financial futures, and

Make choices that allow for the enjoyment of life.

This free 2-hour workshop is led by Dane County Extension Financial Educator, Karina Mendoza, and covers how to create a SMART financial goal, track expenses to stay within one's means, and understanding how credit scores work in order to make it work for you.

This Budgeting and Credit workshop is opened to the public. It is not part of a series, and it will be offered again on a monthly basis. Please check Dane County Financial Education Center for more dates.

For program accommodations in languages other than English or accommodations based on disability, please contact Karina Mendoza for more information at: