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Chinese-English Storytime (Ages 5 & under)

Youth Program Room
Saturday, Oct 21, 10:00am to 10:30am

READ and PLAY with children 5 & under at Pinney Library’s first ever English-Chinese bilingual storytime! The first half will cultivate English-Chinese listening and speaking skills through books and songs, and the second half will be dedicated to a hands on activity based on the story. No language skills required.

Pinney图书馆首次召开英汉双语故事会! 带您五岁以下的孩子来跟主讲人一起读书玩耍. 前半部分通过图书和歌曲培养英汉听说能力, 后半部分通过游戏练习故事中的对话. 任何语言能力都可以参加.