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Carving our Words workshop (Part 2)

Tuesday, Nov 15, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Central Library Artist-in-Residence, Audifax invites folks to explore intentionality with their words in this two-part workshop series. Words hold a great importance whether we realize it or not. Creating a positive reinforcement, gentle message to guide us back on track, or just something fun that we love, we’re going to carve our words (ooo that sound so permanent!) into linoleum blocks.

This is a two-part workshop meaning those that registered for part 1 (11/1) will also need to register here for part 2 (11/15) in order to complete the project fully.

In part 2, we’ll finish carving and printing our words on paper to take home, frame, or place somewhere we’ll be reminded of our intention. This is meant as a fun, free flow class, if you haven’t linoleum cut or printed before that's alright! It'll be designed as a relaxing way for us to connect with one another other, learn, and create together.

Join Audifax Tuesdays - November 1st and November 15th at Central Library Bubbler Room for Carving our Words.
Registration is for 18 & up. Only 12 spaces - grab your spot and let’s print!