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Book discussion of The Bird King by Willow Wilson

Community Room
Wednesday, Aug 21, 6:00pm to 7:30pm

A historical fantasy set during the violence, bigotry, and hysteria of the Spanish Inquisition. Fatima is a young concubine in the court of the last Muslim sultan in Spain, who has lived a pampered life at the cost of her freedom. When her one true friend, Hassan, a royal mapmaker who can draw maps that bend reality, is set to be sacrificed by the sultan in order to satisfy the inquisitors, Fatima risks everything to escape with him. With the help of various jinn and other unlikely allies, Fatima and Hassan's journey tests their endurance and the meaning of love, power, religion, and freedom. An immersive adventure that moves at a brisk pace through lush settings, across dangerous terrain, and eventually out to the open sea. A life-affirming tale of a young woman who rejects her dismal fate and creates her own family.

Hawthorne Library