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The Body Tune-Up: A Food-based Cleanse with Katy Wallace, ND

Community Room Combined
Tuesday, Sep 13, 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Food-based body cleanses have been popular for decades, and with good reason: they are a healthy, natural, and effective way to recharge your body by ridding it of toxins, discovering and addressing hidden food sensitivities, and reducing and even eliminating pain. Whether you have a particular health concern you’d like to explore or just want to learn how to make healthy food choices, The Body Tune-Up’s series of structured, food-based cleanses will give your body a fresh start. Join Katy Wallace for an overview of food-based cleansing in this 1-hour program.

Registration is required for this event. Please use the sign up link below or call (608) 246-4547 to register.


About the Presenter

Katy Wallace is a naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, and health educator. She is owner of Human Nature, LLC, where she consults with individuals using food and the principles of functional medicine to achieve wellness. Learn more about Katy at