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Ashman Film Fest presents Johnny Guitar (1954)

Community Room
Wednesday, Sep 21, 1:30pm to 3:00pm

Johnny Guitar (1954)

Dir: Nicholas Ray

Joan Crawford plays Vienna, a saloon owner with a sordid past. Persecuted by the townspeople, Vienna must protect her life and her property when a lynch mob led by her sexually repressed rival, Emma Small (Mercedes McCambridge), attempts to frame her for a string of robberies she did not commit. Enter Johnny Guitar (Sterling Hayden), a guitar-strumming ex-gunfighter who has a history with Vienna.

Misunderstood by US audiences upon release, the film was embraced by European cineastes and is now regarded as one of the greatest western pictures of all time. An intensely stylised masterpiece from director Nicholas Ray - Eureka Video

Not rated. 110 mins.