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Today an Overture of Geese

Ellen Kort
Lift in unmeasured waves across the water
A sailboat rides the wind out on the bay
Today each of us breathe light and air as if
It were text written willingly for one another

Our lives are spun with that kind of giving
The tree planted for someone else’s comfort
Empty basket waiting to be filled
The extended hand   an offering of grace

We are givers   in love with believing
We are the horizon   the road   the traveler
Map makers   for others to follow
The door that opens for the word to enter
Everything we give to one another is
A timepiece   a fluid motion of hours
Everything we give   a sweet echo   singing
Madison Poet Laureate, Madison Public Library Poet-in-Residence
Why I chose this poem: 

Ellen Kort (Appleton) was Wisconsin’s first Poet Laureate, serving from 2000-2004.  Ellen passed away in 2015. She taught at local universities and schools and conducted writing workshops for at-risk teens, nurses, physicians, and for survivors of cancer, AIDS, and domestic abuse.  Ellen authored eleven books and eight collections of poetry.  Her poetry was performed by the New York City Dance Theater and is incorporated architecturally in downtown Milwaukee’s Midwest Express Center, the Green Bay Botanical Gardens, and the Fox River Mall.  She traveled widely as a poet, and poetry workshop facilitator throughout the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, the Bahamas, and Japan. The Ellen Kort Peace Park in Appleton is in the planning stages.

Poem source: 

Through This Door: Wisconsin in Poems

Through This Door