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A Guest

Idea Vilariño
You’re not mine
you’re not here
in my life
by my side
you don’t eat at my table
or laugh or sing
or live for me.
We’re someone else’s
and me too
and my house.
You’re a stranger
a guest
who doesn’t look for doesn’t want
more than a bed
once in a while.
What can I do
except give it to you.
But I live alone.
Library Staff
Why I chose this poem: 

I love this poem because I am a sucker for South American poets who write love poems. I discovered the Uruguayan Idea Vilarino recently and immediately was drawn to this poem, I appreciate the matter of fact way it was written and the cutting tone. At face value it can be read as a tale of two lovers in a casual relationship, possibly an affair, But a deeper dig speaks to that fact that no matter how close we are with our "lovers", there will always be parts of us that are ours alone. 

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