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Gimaazinibii’amoon | A Message to You

Margaret Noodin
Ningikendaan akiin bakaanag
onzaam gaa nindaanikoobijiganinaanig
onzaam wiijiwag wanishinowaad daawaad noongom
onzaam gii-izhi’iyan zhigo.
Giishkaanaabikaa ina gidaaw
gaye gichigami aawiyaan
gemaa washkiyaanimaazoyaan
gaawiin gikenimisiiyan?

I know there are different worlds
because our ancestors sent them messages
because lost lovers now live in them
because you just said that right now.
Are you the carved shoreline
and I the sweet water sea
or am I the shifting wind
you cannot perceive?​
Library Staff
Why I chose this poem: 

Margaret Noodin's What the Chickadee Knows​ is one of my favorite poetry collections. Noodin conceived the poems in Anishinaabemowin and then English. In reading  "Gimaazinibii’amoon | A Message to You"  I reflect on connections - to ancestors, to one another, to our physical world- across and through time. I recommend listening to Margaret Noodin's reading in Anishinaabemowin to experience the lyrical beauty of the poem.