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Audre Lorde
It has rained for five days
the world is
a round puddle
of sunless water
where small islands
are only beginning
to cope
a young boy
in my garden
is bailing out water
from his flower patch
when I ask him why
he tells me
young seeds that have not seen sun
and drown easily.

MPL Librarian
Why I chose this poem: 
I perceive the speaker in the poem as grieving and experiencing loss, which I think is a universal feeling we can all relate to at some point and especially during these unprecedented COVID-19 times.  Then this is juxtaposed with the efforts of the young boy to maintain and encourage life which gives me a feeling of hope for the future.
Unrelated to the poem itself, a complimentary musical piece is also bringing me similar hope to what I feel from this poem.  Enjoy, if you wish, "Truly Brave" performed in social isolation by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus. (via YouTube)
Poem source: 

The Black Unicorn: Poems

The Black Unicorn