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Save the Day with Superhero Picture Books

A list of superhero-themed picture books

The Adventures of Sparrow Boy by Brian J. Pinkney. 1997
After an encounter with a sparrow, Henry finds he is able to fly just like his favorite comic book hero HawkMan.

Another Perfect Day by Ross Macdonald. 2002
What started out as another perfect day for a superhero performing heroic feats suddenly goes awry.

The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man by Michael Chabon, illustrated by Jake Parker. 2011
A young superhero describes his awesome powers, which he then demonstrates as various foes arrive on the scene.

Atomic Ace: (He’s Just My Dad) by Jeff Weigel. 2004
In this rhyming story told in comic book format, a boy considers
his family normal, though his superhero dad, Atomic Ace, does amazing feats, even battling the evil Insect King.

Baby Brains by Simon James. 2004
Even though the new baby of Mr. and Mrs. Brains is very intelligent, they realize that he is still just a baby. Look for more books about Baby Brains.

Below by Nina Crews. 2006
Jack has adventures and rescues with his action-figure, Guy.

Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery by Kevin O’Malley, illustrated by Patrick O’Brien. 2005
When something lands on one of the moons of the planet Jurassica, Captain Raptor and his spaceship crew go to investigate. Look for more books about Captain Raptor.

Charlie’s Superhero Underpants by Paul Bright, illustrated by Lee Wildish. 2010
When a gusting wind blows the laundry off the clothesline, Charlie travels the world searching for his favorite scarlet superhero underpants.

Diary of a Fly by Doreen Cronin, illustrated by Harry Bliss. 2007
This is the diary...of a fly. A fly who, when she's not landing on your head or swimming in your soup, is trying to escape her 327 brothers and sisters who are driving her crazy! Even though she's little -- just like her best friends Worm and Spider -- Fly wants to be a superhero. And why not? She walks on walls, sees in all directions at once, and can already fly!

Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears? by Carmela LaVigna Coyle, illustrated by Mike Gordon. 2012
Follow along as two ragtag, everyday super heroes don capes to play in the mud, save their stuffed animals from certain peril, conquer the vegetables at dinner, and overcome darkness at night

Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero by Anne Cottringer, illustrated by Alex T. Smith. 2008
By day, Eliot quietly reads his books, feeds his goldfish and watches Mr. Smith wash his car. But grown-ups don't know that when the clock strikes midnight, Eliot is a superhero! The world's most important scientists have sent a message that a gigantic meteor is about to smash into the Earth! And Eliot Jones, midnight superhero is on his most important mission ever.

Ladybug Girl by David Soman, illustrated by Jacky Davis. 2008
After her brother tells her she is too little to play with him, Lulu, dressed as Ladybug Girl, makes her own fun.

Max by Bob Graham. 2000
Max, the young son of superheroes, is a late bloomer when it comes to flying, until he is inspired by the plight of a falling baby bird.

Mighty Max by Harriet Ziefert, illustrated by Elliot Kreloff. 2008
As Max imagines himself as the superhero Mighty Max while at the beach, he saves a game, a castle, and his lunch from some hungry gulls.

Mungo and the Spiders from Space by Timothy Knapman, illustrated by Adam Stower. 2008
When the pages of his comic book are ripped out and he is suddenly pulled inside the book itself, Mungo has to use all his courage and wit to beat Dr. Frankenstinker at his own game in order to get back home safely.

Oliver the Mighty Pig by Jean Van Leeuwen, illustrated by Ann Schweninger. 2004
Oliver feels like the superhero Mighty Pig when he wears his Mighty Pig cape, but he finds that being a superhero in the real world has some complications.

Princess Super Kitty by Antoinette Portis. 2011
Maggie, a little girl with a huge imagination, becomes a cat, a superhero, a princess, and more in the course of a day.

The Secret Life of Walter Kitty by Barbara Jean Hicks, illustrated by Dan Santat. 2007
Walter, an ordinary housecat, fantasizes about the daring adventures of his alter ego, Fang.

Sky-High Guy by Nina Crews. 2010
Jack likes to play with his "friend" Guy without the interference of his little brother Gus, but when Guy gets stuck in a tree, Gus is the perfect companion to help Jack rescue him.

Skippyjon Jones by Judith Byron Schachner. 2003 
Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat with an overactive imagination who would rather be El Skippito, his Zorro-like alter ego. Look for more books about Skippyjon Jones.

Squish, Super Amoeba by Jennifer L. Holm, illustrated by Matthew Holm. 2011 
Squish, a meek amoeba who loves the comic book exploits of his favorite hero, "Super Amoeba," tries to emulate him when his best friend is threatened by a bully. (Graphic Novel)

Superdog: The Heart of a Hero by Caralyn Buehner, illustrated by Mark Buehner. 2004
Tired of being overlooked because he is so small, a big-hearted dog named Dexter transforms himself into a superhero.

Sumo Boy by Hirotaka Nakagawa, illustrated by Yoshifumi Hasegawa. 2006
Sumo Boy saves a girl from a bully using real sumo wrestling moves.

Sumo Mouse by David Wisniewski. 2002
When an evil toy store owner brings crime to the city of Tokyo, only a mysterious, and large, hero is able to defeat the villain.

Super Duck by Jez Alborough. 2008
Duck tries to help when the area animals attempt to fly a kite. He runs with the kite and then pulls it with his automobile. He ends up being called Super Duck when he saves Frog's life.

Super Guinea Pig to the Rescue! by Udo Weigelt, illustrated by Nina Spranger. 2007
A guinea pig gets upset when his fellow pets make fun of his favorite television superhero, and so he makes a costume and pretends to be Super Guinea Pig himself.

Super Sam by Lori Ries, illustrated by Sue Rama. 2004
Sam transforms himself into Super Sam to entertain his baby brother, but when his superpowers fail, he finds another way to save the day.

Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod. 2006
Humorous superheroes such as Goo Girl and The Volcano represent the letters of the alphabet from A to Z.

Superhero School by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Andy Rash. 2009
When Leonard starts attending Superhero School he is disappointed to find that all they learn is math, but when the ice zombies strike, Leonard and his classmates put their newly-acquired knowledge to good use.

Superhero School by Thierry Robberecht, illustrated by Philippe Goossens. 2012
Henry begins to wonder if he really belongs at Superhero School since he has no special powers.

Superman: The Story of the Man of Steel by Ralph Cosentino. 2010
Presents the life story of the superhero known as the Man of Steel.

Supersnouts! by Steve Bjorkman. 2004
Hamlet the piglet joins Snoutbuster and Kernel Hog in a flying confrontation with two burglars on Farmer Frank's farm.

Timothy and the Strong Pajamas: A Superhero Adventure by Viviane Schwarz. 2008
After his mother mends his favorite pajamas, Timothy finds that he has super strength and decides to use it to help others, but when the pajamas rip again, he loses his strength just when he needs it most.

Traction Man is Here! by Mini Grey. 2005
Traction Man, a boy's courageous action figure, has a variety of adventures with Scrubbing Brush and other objects in the house. Look for more books about Traction Man.