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African American Fiction

Adichie, Chimananda Ngozi. Americanah, 2013.
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi. The Thing Around Your Neck, 2009.
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi. Half of a Yellow Sun, 2006
Alers, Rochelle. Eternal Vows, 2013
Alers, Rochelle. Haven Creek, 2013.
Alers, Rochelle. Sweet Persusion, 2011
Alers, Rochelle. Capital Wives, 2011
Alers, Rochelle. Secret Agenda., 2009.
Allen, Jeffery Renard. Song of the Shank: a novel, 2014.
Allen, Jeffery Renard. Holding Pattern: Stories, 2008.

Baker, Kevin. Strivers Row: A Novel, 2006
Baldwin, James. The Cross of Redemption:uncollected writings, 2005.
Barnes, Steven and Tananarive Due. The Devil's Wake, 2012.
Barnes, Steven. Shadow Valley, 2009.
Barnes, Steven. Casanegra : a Tennyson Hardwick story , 2007
Barnes, Steven. Great Sky Woman: A Novel, 2006
Baszile, Natalie. Queen Sugar: a novel, 2014.
Berry, Bertice. When Love Calls You Better Answer, 2005
Bible, Montré. Heaven Sent, 2005
Billingsley, ReShond Tate. Friends & Foes, 2013.
Billingsley, ReShonda Tate. Say Amen Again, 2011.
Billingsley, ReShonda Tate. Caught Up in the Drama, 2010.
Billingsley, ReShonda Tate. Everybody Say Amen, 2007
Black, Daniel. Twelve Gates to the City, 2011.
Black, Daniel. They Tell Me of a Home, 2005
Bland, Eleanor. A Dark and Deadly Deception, 2005
Bond, Cynthia. Ruby: a Novel, 2014
Briscoe, Connie. Money Can't Buy Love, 2011.
Briscoe, Connie. Sisters and Husbands, 2009
Briscoe, Connie. Can't Get Enough: A Novel, 2005
Brown, Elaine Meryl. Playing by the Rules: A Novel, 2006
Brown, Tracy. Aftermath, 2011.
Brown, Tracy. Snapped, 2010
Brown, Tracy. Flirt, 2009.
Bulawayo,  NiViolet.  We Need New Names, 2014.
Buckhanon, Kalisha. Conception, 2008.
Bunkley, Anita Richmond. Vote for Love, 2010.
Bunkley, Anita Richmond. Silent Wager, 2006.
Butler, Octavia. Fledgling: A Novel, 2005

Campbell, Bebe Moore. Stompin' at the Savoy, 2006.
Campbell, Bebe Moore. 72 Hour Hold, 2005
Carter, Charolotte. Montana Hearts, 2008.
Carter, Stephen. The Impeachment of Abraham Lincon, 2012.
Channer, Colin. The Girl with the Golden Shoe, 2007.
Chase-Riboud. Barbara. Hottentot Venus: A Novel, 2003
Clark, Wahida. Blood, Sweat and Payback, 2014.
Clark, Wahida. Payback ain't Enough, 2012.
Clark, Wahida. Justify My Thug, 2011.
Clark, Wahida. Golden Hustla, 2010
Clark, Wahida. Thug Lovin', 2009
Clark, Wahida. Payback with ya life, 2008.
Clark, Wahida. Sleeping with the Enemy, 2008
Clarke, Austin. More, 2009.
Clarke, Austin. The Polished Hoe: A Novel, 2003
Clarke, Brenna. Angels Make Their Hope Here:a Novel, 2014.
Clarke, George Elliott. George & Rue, 2006
Cleage, Pearl. Just Wanna Tesfity, 2011.
Cleage, Pearl. Till You Hear from Me, 2010.
Cleage, Pearl. Seen it All and Done the Rest: A Novel, 2007
Cole, Teju. Every Day is for the Thief: a novel, 2014.
Cole, Teju. Open City: A Novel, 2011.
Collins, Ace. The Color of Justice, 2014.
Conde, Maryse. Victoire: My Mother's Mother, 2010
Conde, Maryse. The Story of the Cannibal Woman: A Novel, 2007.
Cooper, J. California. Life is Short But Wide, 2009.

D'Aguiar, Fred. Children of Paradise: a Novel, 2014.
Danticat, Edwidge. Haiti noir, 2011.
Danticat, Edwidge. The Dew Breaker, 2004
Davis, Bridgett. Into the Go-Slow, 2014.
Davis, Kyra. Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress, 2010.
Davis, Kyra. Sex, Murder and a Double Latte, 2005
Day, Zuri. Love in Play, 2011.
DeBerry, Virginia and Donna Grant. What Doesn't Kill You, 2009
DeBerry, Virginia. Uptown, 2010.
Deberry, Virginia. Better Than I Know Myself, 2004
Dickey, Eric Jerome. Decadence, 2013.
Dickey, Eric Jerome. An Accidental Affair, 2012.
Dickey, Eric Jerome. Tempted by Trouble, 2010.
Dickey, Eric Jerome. Dying for Revenge, 2009
Dow, Candice. Tappin on Thirty, 2008
Dow, Candice. We Take This Man, 2009
Due, Tananarive, The Devil's Wake, 2012.
Due, Tananarive. My Soul to Take, 2011.
Due, Tananarive. Blood Colony, 2008
Dunbar, Paul Laurence. The Complete Stories of Paul Laurence Dunbar, 2005
DuPree, Kia.  Shattered, 2012.

Durham, David Anthony. Sacred Band, 2011.
Durham David Anthony.  Acacia. Book One. The War with Mein, 2007
Durham, David Anthony. Pride of Carthage: A Novel of Hannibal's War, 2005

Ellison, Ralph/John Callahan. Three Days Before the Shooting, 2010.
Evariston, Bernadine.Blonde Roots, 2009.
Everett, Percival. I am not Sidney Poitier: a novel, 2009.
Everett, Percival. Assumption, 2011.

Ford, Clyde. Whiskey Gulf, 2009.
Ford, Wallace. What You Sow, 2006.
Ford, Wallace. The Pride, 2005
Forster. Gwynne. Flying High, 2013.
Forster, Gwynne. When the Sun Goes Down, 2010.
Forster, Gwynne. Against the Wind, 2010.
Forster, Gwynne.  A Change Had to Come, 2009.

Foster, Sharon Ewell. The Resurrection of Nat Turner, Pt., 1:the Witness, 2011.
Foster, Sharon Ewell.  The Resurrection of Nat Turner, Pt. 2: the Testimonty, 2012.
Foster, Sharon Ewell. Abraham's Well, 2006
Foxx, Nina. No Girl Needs a Husband Seven Days a Week, 2007
Foxx, Nina. Just Short of Crazy, 2006.
Francis-Shama, Lauren. 'Til the well runs dry : a novel, 2014.

Gay, Roxanne. An Untamed State, 2014
George, Nelson. The Lost Treasures of R&B., 2015.
George, Nelson. The Plot Against Hip Hop, 2011.
Golden, Marita. After: A Novel, 2006.
G'Orge-Walker, Pat. Holy mayhem, 2012.
G'Orge-Walker, Pat. No Ordinary Noel, 2011.
G'orge-Walker, Pat. Don't Blame the Devil, 2010.
Goodison, Lorna. By love possessed : stories, 2011.
Greer, Robert. First of State, 2010.
Greer, Robert. Spoon, 2009.

Greer, Robert. The Moongoose Deception, 2007
Griffith, Marilynn. A Million Blessings, 2010.
Griffith, Marilynn. Sistafaith, 2010.
Griggs, Vanessa Davis. The Other Side of Goodness, 2012.
Griggs, Vanessa Davis. Truth is the Light, 2010.
Griggs, Vanessa Davis. Practicing What You Preach, 2009.
Grooms, Anthony. Bombingham: A Novel, 2001
Guillory, Marcus. M. Red Now and Laters: a Novel, 2014.

Harris, E. Lynn. No One in the World, 2011.
Harris, E. Lynn. In My Father's House, 2010.
Harris, E. Lynn. Basketball Jones, 2009.
Harrison, Rashad. Our Man in the Dark, 2011.
Haulsey, Kuwana. Angel of Harlem: A Novel Based on the Life of Dr. May Chinn, 2004.
Henry, Angela. The Company You Keep: A Kendra Clayton Novel, 2005
Hill, Donna. Intimate Betrayal, 2011.
Hill, Donna. Heat Wave, 2011.
Hill, Ernest. Cry Me a River, 2011.
Holliday, Geneva. Heat, 2007

Holliday, Geneva. Seduction, 2008.

Hopkinson, Nalo. Sister mine, 2013
Hopkinson, Nalo. Report from Planet Midnight : plus, "Message in a bottle" ; and, "Shift" ; and, "Correcting the balance" outspoken interview, 2012.

Hopkinson, Nalo. The New Moon's Arms, 2007
Howard, Ravi. Driving the King:a novel, 2014
Howard, Ravi. Like Trees, Walking., 2007
Hughes, Langston. Tambourines to Glory, 2006
Hussey, Elaine. Sweetest Hallelujah, 2013.

Jackson, Brenda. A Man's Promise, 2014
Jackson, Brenda. Bachelor Undone, 2012.
Jackson, Brenda. Temptation & Spontaneous, 2011.
Jackson, Brenda. The Proposal; and Solid Soul, 2011.
Jackson, Brenda. Hidden Pleasures, 2010.
Jackson, Brenda. Tall, Dark - Westmoreland, 2010.
Jackson, Lisa and Bush, Nancy. Something Wicked, 2013
Jackson, Derek. Brother Word, 2006
Jackson, Mitchell. The Residue Years: a Novel, 2014.
Jackson, Neta. Who is My Shelter, 2011.
Jackson, Neta. Who Do I Lean On, 2010
Jackson, Neta. Who Do I Talk To, 2009.
Jakes, T.D. Not Easily Broken, 2006
James, Marlon. A Brief History of Seven Killings, 2014
James, Morlon. The Book of Night Women, 2009
Jenkins, Beverly. Something Old, Something New, 2011.
Jenkins, Beverly. Midnight, 2010.
Jenkins, Beverly. Bring on the Blessings, 2009.
Johnson, Deborah. The Secret of Magic, 2014. 
Johnson, Keith. Little Black Girl Lost 5, Lauren's story / The Diary of Josephine Baptiste, 2010
Johnson, Keith. Little Black Girl Lost 4:the Diary of Josephine Baptiste, 2009.
Johnson, Keith Lee. Hell Has No Fury, 2007
Johnson, R. M. No One in the World, 2010.
Johnson, R. M.  Million Dollar Demise, 2009.
Johnson, Shelton. Gloryland, 2009
Johnson, T. Geronimo. Welcome to Braggsville, a novel, 2014.
Johnson, T. Geronimo. Hold It 'til It Hurts, 2012.
Jones, Edward P. All Aunt Hagar’s Children, 2006
Jones, Solomon. Last Confession, 2010.
Jones, Solomon. Gravedigger's Ball: a Coletti Novel, 2011.
Jones, Tayari. Silver Sparrow, 2011.

Kennedy, Erica. Feminista, 2009.
Kibler, Julie. Calling me home, 2013.
Kitt, Sandra. For All We Know, 2008.
K'wan. Black Lotus, 2014.

Larsen, Nella. The Complete Fiction of Nella Larsen, 2001
LeFlore, Lyah Beth. Wildflowers: A Novel, 2009
Locke, Attica. Black Water Rising, 2009.
Locke, Attica. The Cutting Season, 2012.

Margolin, Phillip. Worthy Brown's Daughter, 2104.
Marlow, Y.A.  A Life Apart, 2014.
Mathis, Ayana. The Twevle Tribes of Hattie, 2012.
McBride, James.  The good Lord Bird, 2013.
McBride, James. Song Yet Sung, 2008.
McCall, Nathan. Them, 2007.
McCollors, Tia. Last Woman Standing, 2009.
McFadden Bernice L. A Gathering of Waters, 2012.
McFadden, Bernice L. Glorious, 2010.
McFadden, Bernice L. Nowhere is a Place, 2006
McLarin, Kim. Jump at the Sun, 2006
McMillan, Terry. Who asked You, 2013.
McMillan , Terry. Getting to Happy, 2010
McMillan, Terry. The Interruption on Everything, 2005
Mason, Felicia. Gabriel’s Discovery, 2004
Mda, Zakes. Cion: A Novel, 2007
Mengestu, Dinaw. All our Names, 2014
Mengestu, Dinaw. How to Read the Air, 2010.
Mengiste, Maaza. Beneath the Lion's Gaze, 2010.
Mickelbury, Penny.  A Murder Too Close, 2008
Miller, Karen Quinones. Passin', 2008
Millner, Denen. What Goes Around, 2009
Mink, Meesha. Real Wifeys on the Grind, 2011.
Mink, Meesha. and De'nesha Diamond. The Hood Life, 2009
Monroe, Mary. God don't make no mistakes, 2012.
Monroe, Mary. Mama Ruby, 2011.
Monroe, Mary. Red Light Wives, 2010.
Monroe, Mary. God Ain't Blind, 2009
Moore, Edward Kelsey. The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat., 2013
Morris, Bill. Motor City Burning, 2014.
Morrison, Mary B. Darius Jones, 2010
Morrison, Mary B. Sweeter than Honey, 2007
Morrison, Toni. God Help the Child, 2015
Morrison, Toni. Home, 2012
Morrison, Toni. A Mercy, 2008
Morrison, Toni. Love, 2003
Mosley, Walter. Debbie Doesn't do it Anymore, 2014
Mosley, Walter. Rose Gold: an Easy Rawlins mystery, 2014.
Mosley, Walter. Little Green: A Easy Rawlins mystery, 2013.
Mosley, Walter. Stepping stone / the love machine : crosstown to oblivion, 2013.
Mosley, Walter. All I Did Was  Shoot My Man: A Leonid McGill Mystery. 2012.
Mosley, Walter. The gift of fire ; On the head of a pin : two short novels from crosstown to oblivion, 2012
Mosley, Walter. When the Thrill is Gone, 2011.
Mosley, Walter, Known to Evil, 2010.
Mosley, Walter. Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, 2010
Mott, Jason. The Returned, 2014.
Mott, Jason. The Wonder of All Things, 2014.
Murray, Victoria Christopher. Lady Jasmine, 2009.
Murray, Victoria  Christopher. The Divas: Aaliyah, 2009.

Ndibe, Okey. Foreign Gods, Inc., 2014.
Neighbour, Mary E. Speak Right On: Dred Scott: A Novel, 2006
Nelscott, Kris. Days of Rage, 2006
Ngugi ua Thiongo 'o. Wizard of the Crow, 2006.
Noire. Natural Born Liar, 2012.
Noire. LifeStyles of the Rich and Shameless, 2010
Noire. Unzipped, 2010.
Noire. Hittin' the Bricks, 2009
Nunez, Elizabeth. Boundaries, 2011.
Nunez, Elizabeth. Anna in-Between, 2009

Odell, Jonathan. The Healing, 2010
Oyeyemi, Helen. Mr. Fox,  2011.

Parks, Electa Rome. Stalker Chronicles, 2012
Parks, Electa Rome. Ladies Night Out, 2007
Pelecanos, George. What it Was: a Novel, 2012.
Pelecanos, George. The Cut: a Novel, 2011.
Perrin, Kayla. Winter Break, 2011.
Perrin, Kayla. Single Mama Drama, 2008.
Phillips, Caryl. In the Falling Snow, 2009.
Phillips, Caryl. Foreigners, 2007
Phillips, Delores. The Darkest Child, 2008.
Phillips, Gary. Orange County Noir, 2010.
Poitier, Sidney. Montaro Caine: a Novel, 2013.
Price-Thompson, Tracy. My Blue Suede Shoes:Four Novellas,  2011.

Randall, Alice. Ada's Rules, 2012.
Randall, Alice.  Rebel Yell, 2009.
Ray, Francis. All I Ever Wanted, 2013
Ray, Francis. If You Were My Man, 2010.
Ray, Francis. Only Hers, 2010.
Ray, Francis. Not Even if You Begged, 2008
Relentless Aaron. Burning Desire. 2009
Relentless Aaron. Single with Benefits., 2008.
Rhodes, Jewell Parker. Hurricane, 2011.
Robbins, David L. Broken Jewel, 2009.
Robbins, David L.  Betrayal Game, 2008.
Robinson, Cheryl. Rememeber Me, 2011.

Roby, Kimberla Lawson. A Christmas Prayer, 2014.
Roby, Kimberla Lawson. Prodigal Son, 2014.
Roby, Kimberla Lawson. A House Divided, 2013.
Roby, Kimberla Lawson. The Perfect Marriage, 2013.
Roby, Kimberla Lawson. Secret Obsession, 2011.
Roby, Kimberla Lawson. Love, Honor, and Betray. 2011
Roby, Kimberla Lawson. Be Careful What You Pray For, 2010
Roker, Al and Dick Lochte. The Moring Show Murders, 2009.

Smith, Andrea. The Sisterhood of Blackberry Corner, 2006
Smith, Dwayne. Forty Acres: a Thriller, 2014.
Smith, Zadie. NW, 2012.
Smith, Zadie. On Beauty: a Novel, 2005
Southgate, Martha. The Taste of Salt, 2011.
Straight, Susan. Between Heaven and Here, 2012
Straight, Susan. Take One Candle Light a Room, 2010.
Straight, Susan. A Million Nightingales, 2006
Story, Rosalyn M. Wading Home:  a Novel of New Orleans, 2010.
Swinson, Kiki. Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, 2011.

Tademy, Lalita. Red River, 2007 
Talbert, David E. Love Don't Live Here No More, 2006.
Taylor, Carol.  The ex chronicles, 2010.
Townsend, Jacinda. Saint Monkey: a Novel, 2014.
Turner, Nikki. Heartbreak of a Hustler's Wife, 2011.
Turner, Nikki. Natural Born Hustler, 2010.
Turner, Nikki. Nikki Turner Presents Street Chronicles: a Woman's Work, 2011.
Tyree, Omar. Dirty Old Men and Other Stories: Anthology, 2009.
Tyree, Omar. Pecking Order: a Novel, 2008.
Tyree, Omar. The Last Street Novel, 2007

Valdez, Dolen Perkins. Wench. 2010

Walker, Alice. Now is the Time to Open Your Heart: A Novel, 2004.
Walker, Rebecca. Ade: a Love Story, 2013.
Ward, Jesmyn. Salvage Bones: a Novel, 2011.
Ward, Jesmyn. Where the Line Bleeds, 2008.
Warren, Tiffany. The Bishop's Daughter, 2009
Weber, Carl. The Family Business, 2012.
Weber, Carl. Choir Director, 2011
Weber, Carl. Torn Between Two Lovers, 2010.
Weber, Carl. Big Girls Do Cry, 2010.
Weber, Carl. Something on the Side, 2008
Wesley, Valerie Wilson. Of Blood and Sorrow: a Tamara Hayle Mysery, 2008
West, Dorothy. The Last Leaf of Harlem: Selected and Newly Discovered Fiction, 2008.
Whitehead, Colson. Zone One, 2011.
Whitehead, Colson. Sag Harbor, 2009
Whitehead, Colson. Apex Hides the Hurt, 2006
Wideman, John Edgar. Fanon, 2008.
Williams, Tom. Don't Start Me Talkin':a Novel, 2014
Wrinkle, Margaret. Wash: a Novel, 2014.

Yanique, Tiphanie. Land of Love and Drowning, 2014.
Yanique, Tiphanie.  How to Escape from a Leper Colony: a Novella and Stories, 2010.

Zane. Z Rated : chocolate flava III : the anthology, 2012.
Zane. The Hot Box, 2010.
Zane. Total Eclispe of the Heart, 2009.



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