Home Service Program

Madison Public Library Home Service LogoMadison Public Library's Home Service program supplies books to individuals at home who are unable to use the library due to an ongoing physical condition, as well as Retirement Homes and Assisted Living, Health Care and Adult Day Care Facilities. Please contact Home Service staff at 266-6314 to setup delivery.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone living within Madison City limits who has an ongoing physical condition that prevents the person from coming to the library and is willing to commit to having this service for an extended period of time.


How it Works

  • You tell us what types of books and/or other materials you want.
  • We select books and other library materials for you according to your criteria.
  • We deliver books and other materials to you by volunteer every month on a regular basis.
  • Our volunteer will pick up and return your finished library materials.
  • We can also reserve specific books and other materials at your request. Specific requests must be made directly to Home Service.

What Can You Borrow?

  • books, including best sellers
  • large print books
  • Audiobooks on CD
  • music CDs
  • magazines

Videos and DVDs can not be borrowed due to high demand and short loan period

Retirement Homes, Assisted Living, Health Care and Adult Day Centers in Madison

Facilities may choose Regular or Retirement Loan Collection Delivery

Regular Delivery

  • You give us an idea of what your residents want: for example, the types and number of books and other materials they want.
  • We select books or other materials from the library according to those criteria.
  • We deliver and pick up books and materials every month on a regular schedule.
  • If you have an avid reader, we can also meet the specific needs of that individual on request. Specific requests must be made directly to Home Service.

Retirement Loan Collection Delivery

  • We have pre-assembled collections containing about 150 books of a wide variety of popular titles in both regular and large print.
  • We deliver a collection to you every 6 months on an on-call basis.
  • You call us when you are ready for a new collection.

Facility personnel will be responsible for:

  • distributing books to your residents
  • keeping track of books while they are at your facility (we can help with suggestions)
  • collecting books from your residents prior to pickup
  • keeping us updated as to the needs of your residents

Volunteer Your Time

Home Service Program accepts volunteers who are interested in delivering library materials to homebound individuals or choosing appropriate library materials for these individuals. Contact us for more information.

If you live outside the City of Madison but inside Dane County, please call Dane County Library Service Outreach, 608-266-4419.