Upcoming Bubbler Jr. Programs

Pull Toy

Though the weather doesn't exactly feel like it, it's almost winter. That means that our fall Bubbler Jr. programs are coming to an end. Join us in the upcoming weeks for our last two Bubbler Jr. events of the season! 

How to Doodle with Angela Richardson
Are you an aspiring doodler? Do you feel like you learn better when your pencil is scratching away in the margins of your paper? You're not alone! On Wednesday, November 23 at Hawthorne Library, join Angela Richardson for this hands-on doodle crazy workshop. From 10:30am - 11:30am, you will learn everything from new doodling techniques to how doodling can make you a more attentive learner. This workshop is ideal for kids ages Kindergarten-2nd grade. Register online or call 608-246-4548.

Make a Pull Toy! 
Join artist, Amy Mietzel of Bare Knuckle Arts, and make a fun pull toy. On Thursday, December 8 at 4:00pm, you and your kids will have the chance to take part in this mini maker-space at Alicia Ashman Library. You will create a wheeled base, then construct the top of the toy using upcycled materials, glue and duct tape. Register online or call 608-824-1780 to register beginning November 23. 

The Bubbler is funded by a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services