"Princess Soup" on display at Sequoya in the Children's Area

illustration from "Princess Soup"

Showing at Sequoya Library in the Children's Area

Marielle School presents: 
Princess Soup

"This children’s book was created in the 90’s and has never been published. I was very happy to exhibit it after being buried for a long time. It had to be translated from Dutch to English. This caused some of the meaning to get lost in my translation. For example: ‘a morning star’, in the Netherlands, is someone that goes around town at the crack of dawn to collect the things that people place on the street to be picked up before the garbage men come.

The story was part of a huge emotional and spiritual crisis that I went through while I was writing and illustrating the book. Perhaps that was why I never published it. The story symbolizes the gift of finding the root of my strength and joy in myself. 

I hope you will enjoy the drawings and the story. It helped me to grow stronger and connect with the universal power of love."

photo of Marielle SchoolAbout Marielle:

Marielle is a Dutch native. She taught herself to draw at a young age and has been an illustrator since the age of 10. She started her passion doing illustration work for her local church and also designing postcards and invitations. She wrote, illustrated and published her first children book at age 25. From that point forward she illustrated internationally with writers from the Netherlands, Australia and United States. She now has 6 published books.

Marielle’s life has been an exploration of finding miracles of love in everything she does. She sees the beauty of the world in images and treasures that are hidden in the perpetual rhythm of everyday life.

She finds stories everywhere; in airports, on the street, in doctor offices and in the language of children. Her extensive traveling has given her a wide array of experiences to draw from. Marielle currently resides in Madison with her daughter. She is a Yoga Instructor and a Thai Massage Practician.

illustration from "Princess Soup"