Personal Archiving Lab

Personal Archiving Lab

Digitize your old media with the Central Library's new Personal Archiving Lab.

The Personal Archiving Lab is a collection of equipment that can be used to digitize at-risk analog materials, like home movies, video tapes, audio cassettes, photographs, and other paper-based documents.

You may also make a 2-hour appointment to use the lab by calling the Central Library at 266-6350.

The Library’s Personal Archiving Lab supports the following formats:

  • VHS tapes
  • VHS-C tapes
  • DVDs (not BluRay)
  • Audio cassettes
  • MiniDV tapes
  • Hi-8 tapes
  • Photographs / negatives / slides
  • Paper-based documents

Be advised that when transferring from analog to digital formats, such as VHS, Hi-8, or audio cassette, your media will be captured in real time.

Please bring some form of external storage — a portable hard drive, or a thumb drive — on which your digital files can be stored.

The Personal Archiving Lab is funded by a gift from Marvin J. Levy.


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