Making Remixed at Lakeview Library

Making Remixed

Explore hip-hop culture through making! Learn the history, artistry, and creativity that makes up the world’s most popular art form with Making Remixed, a Bubbler traveling artist-in-residence workshop series.

You'll uncover hip-hop culture’s various aspects, or “pillars” including rap, beat making, graffiti, and fashion by creating your own original piece of hip-hop art. Workshops will also go over the basics of lyric writing, logo production, digital media, screen printing and a whole lot more.

Most importantly though, you'll work with hip-hop’s most fundamental aspect “knowledge of self” as you learn about the value of community, personal identity, and self expression through hip-hop culture.

No experience or expertise needed.

Workshop Dates

Mondays from 2:30-4pm at Lakeview Library (No registration necessary)

November 13 - HIP-HOP 101: Come learn about the foundations of hip-hop culture and its growth into an international phenomenon. Additionally, you’ll make your own “history of hip-hop” chronicling your own story

November 20 - INTRO TO BEATMAKING: We’ll be using GrarageBand to learn about the essential components to making a beat including sampling and looping

November 27 - RHYMES: Essential components to writing a rap verse will be our goal. We’ll learn about rhyme scheme, wordplay, punchlines, and other vital elements to crafting a great verse.

December 4 - RECORDING: We’ll be taking time to learn about how to properly record your rhymes and produce your beats. You’ll have time to craft the perfect piece and learn about how to share it effectively. Our music will even be featured on the Library’s main website!

December 11 - GRAFFITI: After learning about the founding artists of the graffiti or urban art movement which includes the famed Jean Michele Basquiat, we’ll explore different graffiti styles including: Tags, Stencils, Blocks, Slaps and more! We’ll even get a chance to practice on the windows!

December 18 - FLYERS & PUBLICITY: Find out how to get your message out to the public by creating your own flyer and publicity materials using Canva and Adobe Spark. Learn about creating digital media to express your own ideas and identity using effective and simple tools.

January 22, 2018 - SWAG: Button making, block printing, and stickers are the order of the day. We’ll take logos, ideas and make sharable “swag” as a part of your hip-hop portfolio. Artists will have the ability to keep their stamps and buttons to share with their fans and friends

January 29, 2018 - GEAR & MAKER SHOWCASE: We’ll have the opportunity to learn about screen printing and artists will be able to put their own work onto t-shirts and other items as we wrap up our hip-hop making series. We’ll have an album listening party as well as a graffiti gallery walk so bring a friend!

About the Artist

Dr. Michael Dando is an award winning producer, artist, educator, and scholar who studies hip-hop culture and education. His work emphasizes the significance of youth and hip-hop culture as a means of self-expression and social engagement. As a classroom teacher of over 20 years, he believes that engaging students on their cultural turf is vital to the pursuit of academic standards and excellence as well as for critical thinking skills.

He has shared his passion for hip-hop and education with national and international audiences, has published scholarly articles on the subject, and has had his work featured by multiple media outlets including CNN, CBS, The Today Show, and the South by Southwest Music Festival. He also works with many local organizations in and out of school including the Urban Community Arts Network, UW-Madison, The Hip-Hop Architecture Initiative, and The Urban Arts Collective.

His most recent projects include developing hip-hop educational opportunities in collaboration with international collection of hip-hop artists as well as the Universal HipHop Museum and with The Smithsonian Institution on their Anthology of Hip-Hop exhibit.

Funding generously provided by the Friends of Madison Public Library supports these artists, allowing them the space, time, and materials necessary to explore the communities in some of our neighborhood libraries through various forms of art-making and creation.