A review of I Heart My Little A-Holes: A Bunch of Holy-Crap Moments No One Ever Told You about Parenting by Karen Alpert

And apparently, I am not alone. Karen Alpert's sharp and profanity-laced book of stories, lists and observations about parenting two young children includes a very pointed essay on how if Caillou were a real person, she'd gladly go to jail for killing him. I'm not exaggerating about this - that's the title of the essay, almost word for word. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'd commit bodily harm to a cartoon character, but I know where she's coming from. Caillou's been on the air for almost more

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A review of Longbourn by Jo Baker

Do you love Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen? Do you enjoy the upstairs-downstairs drama of Downton Abbey? If so, you may want to try Longbourn. It is a delight to be transported back to the world of a much-loved novel. Though it is no easy task to expand on Austen, and a number of authors have tried with varying degrees of success, Jo Baker has done very well. She has taken the Longbourn home, the characters and story that we know and love, and more

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A review of The Long, Long Line by Tomoko Ohmura

Guaranteed to make the next long wait with your little one(s) go at least fifty times faster! more

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A review of Payback is a Mutha by Wahida Clark

The first in the Payback series, this book sizzles with back-stabbing, violence and sex. Brianna and Shan are best friends, and both have a lot of drama in their lives. Shan can’t hold down a job at a men's prison without falling in love- or in lust- with the ultra-tempting inmate Forever Thompson. Brianna uses men for money and her sneaking around on the DL will catch up with her eventually. As the women fall deeper into a life of crime and insanity, they both learn the hard way more

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A review of Veggies with Wedgies by Todd H. Doodler

As far as the Library of Congress’s “Underwear Fiction” subject heading goes, this is some of the best. Intended to make the idea of toilet-training and “big girl/boy” underwear fun for toddlers, Veggies with Wedgies is also a hoot for adults (even adults without children). A gaggle of vegetables in Farmer John’s garden becomes intrigued when they see underwear hanging from the clothesline. After an amusing exchange about the origins and purposes of underwear, they take the underwear down and more

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A review of Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Lincoln O'Neill is suffering from a quarter life crisis. He's over-educated, living at home, and has been gun-shy when it comes to dating after a disastrous break-up. Oh, and he's also working a terrible, terrible job as the 'internet security officer' for an Omaha, Nebraska newspaper. Not only is it night shift, which sucks, but the entire job description is to read people's e-mail behind their back. It makes him feel like a rat, and Lincoln hates it. Until Beth and Jennifer's e-mails start more

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Adult Summer Reading Club We're almost to a 1000 books read and entered in our online Adult Summer Reading Club (969 titles as I type this). There's still time to get your books read and entered for our weekly drawings. So if you need some suggestions for what to read, take a look at what others are reading. ribbonknight thinks that more

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Reading Suggestions from Librarians Looking for your next great read? Follow Madison Public Library on Facebook and tune in on Monday, August 11 for our next Facebook online event.Madison librarians will be on Facebook from 5:30-7:30 pm with custom book recommendations just for you. Post the last three books you read and enjoyed on our Facebook page from 5:30-7:30 pm, and we’ll respond with another title we think you’ll enjoy. more

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A review of Chews Your Destiny by Rhode Montijo

Gabby loves to chew gum all day and all night and her mother warns her that someday she may turn into gum, but she never thought it would really happen. In book one, we find out how Gabby Gomez learns to control her newfound sticky, stretchy superpowers and watch as she puts those powers to good use. My family loves this book, from the (extremely rare) Latina superhero to the bubblegum-cheerful artwork to the perfect balance of text vs. more

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A review of The Great American Dust Bowl by Don Brown

This outstanding graphic novel is a 2014 Notable Children's Book from The American Library Association. It truly is notable in terms of disseminating factual information in the most attractive and appealing way possible. As the title suggests, this book is about the Dust Bowl or "The Dirty Thirties," when black dirt blew up and rained down on America's Great Plains devastating the land, farms, homes, humans and creatures in its more

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