Keep your hands off my undies!

A review of The Brief Thief by Michael Escoffier

Leon the chameleon is just sunning himself on a rock, when nature calls. But wait, there’s no paper for wiping. So what’s a hygienic and resourceful chameleon to do? Why, snag that old pair of holey underwear just hanging on a branch and use them to get the job done. Enter Leon’s conscience – “But did you also think that maybe the owner of those underpants could have lost them?” Morals go best with a huge dash of humor, and this one hits the mark with holey underpants that serve up a great punchline for the ending.

Did I say, “Underpants"? For more underpants humor, try The Underpants Zoo, by Brian Sendelbach.


I picked this up the other day and was tickled by the complete surprise at the end. It's worth noting that the simple but effective illustrations match the story in terms of wittiness. Glad you reviewed this one.

This book has been a real hit at my house, too. Another favorite of this ilk is Claire Freedman's Dinosaurs Love Underpants.

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