A review of Speed of Life by J. M. Kelly

Amber and Crystal are twin sisters living on the poverty line who are determined to be the first people in their family to graduate from high school. An unexpected pregnancy threatens to derail their plan, but the sisters rally and commit to raising the baby together, taking turns watching their little girl when the other is working, and taking advantage of the school's daycare. Their future is set--getting an apartment away from their gambling addict mother and lethargic stepfather after more

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December 29, 2016 | 0 comments
A review of The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

The Princess Diarist is a collection of stories and diary entries written by Carrie Fisher about her time during the making of the first Star Wars film in 1976. Carrie shares everything from meeting George Lucas for the first time to how the famous cinnamon roll hair buns were created and how long it took to get them ready every day. About two-thirds of the book is made up of the hilarious behind-the-scenes stories with the diary excerpts in the middle. Something that I feel more

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A review of Someone to Love by Mary Balogh

Mary Balogh has long been one of the leading authors in Regency romance, writing over a hundred novels and becoming an automatic buy for most readers. Her latest, Someone to Love, launches a planned eight book series chronicling the fortunes, or lack of, the Westcott family. It’s an intriguing premise: the death of the immensely wealthy Earl of Riverdale prompts the discovery of a previously unacknowledged daughter, Anna Snow. But for the duke’s three other children, the discovery more

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A review of Roughneck Grace: Farmer Yoga, Creeping Codgerism, Apple Golf, and Other Brief Essays From On and Off the Back Forty by Michael Perry

Michael Perry’s latest book, Roughneck Grace, is a compilation of his weekly Wisconsin State Journal columns of the same name. He treats us to an inside view of Wisconsin farm life; life on the road as an author/entertainer; relationships with friends and family; reflections on aging; and gratitude for life’s experiences. For those who have trouble committing to novel-length text--good news! There is no story in this book longer than 3 pages. But Perry makes masterful use of more

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A review of Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death by M.C. Beaton

She's got a hard shell on the outside and is sweet and melty on the inside. Or maybe assertive, blunt and cranky on the outside and warm-hearted, generous and looking for love on the inside. Inside or out, Agatha Raisin is a smart, retired public relations guru from London moonlighting as an amateur detective in the Cotswolds. She's got a shiny brown bob, inquisitive bear-like eyes and excellent legs! And from the comfort of my Madison armchair, she's living the life. Agatha finds herself in more

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December 13, 2016 | 1 comment
A review of Don't Wake Up The Tiger by Britta Teckentrup

Tiger is fast asleep and snoring, and in the way! Her friends Frog, Fox, Turtle, Mouse, and Stork need the reader's help to keep Tiger snoozing as they sneak across the pages floating on balloons. A whimsical interactive book, little ones help coax Tiger back to sleep by petting her nose and rubbing her tummy, and help Fox sneak past by blowing on his balloon as it sinks dangerously close to Tiger's ears. A mix of shiny balloons and matte textured illustrations make this book even more more

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Gift Giving Ideas It's that time of the year again - yes I'm talking 'best of' lists, but I'm also thinking of all of you struggling to find that perfect book for the reader in your life. If you're stumped (I saw a tweet this morning from a woman who always gets her kids at least one book who was struggling because her one son had already read "everything!"), I've got some tips for you. First I'd recommend starting locally. Our own Molly Warren, Collection Development Manager, was on Channel 57's Talk of the more

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Books on Pearl Harbor It's been 75 years since that day of infamy.  On December 7, 1941, Japanese bombers attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor.  Looking to read about that day and how we got there, then check out Booklist's Read-alikes Seventy-five Years of Infamy. See the list below.  In addition, the library has many more books on Pearl Harbor and World War II.  See subject heading more

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A review of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli

If you’re a non-scientist like me, the idea of reading a book about physics might seem a little dizzying. I was heartened by the fact that Seven Brief Lessons on Physics is written specifically for non-scientists who want to understand a little more about current scientific work in the field of physics (and it didn’t hurt that it has the word “brief” in the title, proven true with only 81 pages of text, including pictures!). While this book won’t help you decipher complex scientific more

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December 6, 2016 | 1 comment
A review of Once a Hero by Elizabeth Moon

With the world being such a crazy place lately I find myself searching out purely escapist reading, some romance, but even more science fiction. And as I was reading new titles I was reminded of an old Space Opera favorite, Once a Hero by Elizabeth Moon. So I did what any self-respecting library loving bookie would do, I put it on hold, checked it out and dove in (finished at more

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December 5, 2016 | 0 comments
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