A review of Dini Dinosaur by Karen Beaumont

Karen Beaumont knows how to write a book for little ones! Dini Dinosaur gets dirty while playing outside and has to take a bath before bed. But, oops! How can he get clean without taking his clothes off? Silly, simple rhymes, a familiar situation, and a dinosaur create a perfect story your toddler will want to hear over and over again. Don't miss Karen Beaumont's other great books, like: Baby Danced the more

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New Mysteries The weather is getting colder and I am looking forward to curling up with a good book. What better than a new adventure with a favorite character? There are a bunch of new mysteries that I am anxiously waiting to read. So many in fact that I've divided it into two posts. Here is part one.  Bleeding Through by Sandra Parshallsetting: Virginiacharacter: Rachel Goddard more

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A review of The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones

It feels like we’ve been here before: a grand English house in the countryside, a beautiful young woman preparing for an evening party that might change her life, rounded out with a dependably eccentric cast of characters both upstairs and down. It is spring 1912 and readers may breathe a sigh of relief: we’ve read Waugh and seen Downton Abbey and are safe in this world of mannered civilization. But in her quirky and strangely enjoyable third novel, British novelist Sadie Jones seems more

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A review of Costume Design by Deborah Landis

Do you watch movies? How much are you affected by the clothing in the film? Or do you not even notice it unless something about it strikes the wrong note? Or are the costumes so gorgeous that you really don't notice the story or anything else? Landis’s beautiful book, part of the Film Craft series, is a wonderful book if you have answers to any of these questions. It includes brief biographies of award winning costume designers and in-depth interviews with them along with photographs and more

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Top 10 Literary Travel Books Are you an armchair traveler?  Then check out Booklist's Top 10 Literary Travel Books. more

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A review of Because it Is My Blood by Gabrielle Zevin

Gabrielle Zevin's fantastic novel All These Things I've Done told the story of Anya Balanchine, heiress to the Balanchine chocolate empire and mob princess, who falls in love with the Assistant District Attorney's son in a Romeo and Juliet style romance. In Because it Is My Blood, we meet up with Anya after she's released from prison and follow her on another fantastic series of events full of more

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A review of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

It's been a hard year for Nick Dunne. He lost his job, his wife lost her job, his mother died, and his father may follow her soon. Even so, Nick Dunne hasn't been a great husband to Amy and he knows that their fifth anniversary is not going to go smoothly. He's dreading the traditional scavenger hunt that Amy creates for him every year on their anniversary. Her clues, which he's sure he's not going to be able to figure out, will lead him around town to places that have been more

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A review of Little Night by Luanne Rice

Clare and Anne are two sisters who grow up extremely close, used to protecting each other in the middle of their dysfunctional family. Rice opens the story with the younger sister, Clare, under arrest for the attempted homicide of her sister’s husband. The lies that send Clare to prison and separate the two sisters for the next twenty years mix with the lies and demands Anne and her husband place on their two children, shaping all of their lives.  Released from prison, Clare slowly regains more

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A review of I Hate Everyone...Starting with Me by Joan Rivers

Are you afraid to say that you hate anything for fear that you will upset others or ignite unpleasant debate? Well, Joan Rivers isn't afraid to tell the world that she hates everyone and everything: children, the elderly, the infirm, cities, countries, public transportation. The woman puts it in writing that she hates identical twins. And pets. It's so ridiculous it's hilarious. And quite refreshing. I Hate Everyone... more

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A review of Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh

Everyone tells horror stories about the Whistling Hollow--with its unearthly sounds, ancient twisted trees and the ominous pool that never completely freezes in the dead of winter, even the birds avoid it. One bone-chilling winter's day, fourteen year old Will, the servant to the monks of nearby Crowfield Abbey, must go to the Hollow on an unexpected errand of mercy, and his life will never be the same! Now, Will must find his way through a once-familiar world now rife with deep secrets, more

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