How do dinosaurs take their tea?

A review of Tea Rex by Molly Schaar Idle

A little girl and her brother are about to host a proper tea party, and look forward to inviting their very special guest:  a T-Rex!  But how does this potentially unruly guest navigate small talk, very tiny chairs and dainty tea cups?  In Tea Rex, Molly Idle gives a very straight-faced lesson in proper manners, while her warm illustrations depict the friendly tyrannosaurus trying very hard to behave with his small hosts, with often humorously chaotic results.  Idle’s wry humor and detailed illustrations make Tea Rex a fun experience to read multiple times, and perhaps serve as inspiration for readers’ own tea parties.  


We really enjoyed this picture book at my house.  Not necessarily for the tea party (super cute), but for the gigantic dinosaur squeezing into a regular-sized house.  Funny!

I will be using this to teach tea time etiquette at my next tea party for children.

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