Be awesome, give awesome, get awesome

A review of The Tao of Martha by Jen Lancaster

I agree with Jen Lancaster - there are two major lifestyle camps for women: Oprah and Martha. Either you are into vision boards and relaxing with your friends in jammy pants (Oprah) or you are into organization and perfecting life one rosebush and homemade cupcake at a time (Martha). I am all for jammy pants, but I want to live the Martha way. I want to be more organized, I want to bake the best cupcakes humankind has ever tasted, and I want to add as much holiday sparkle to my surroundings as possible, within reason, and without breaking the bank.

The Tao of Martha follows one year in the life of popular writer Jen Lancaster during which she tries to get organized, Martha style. Her year starts out with organizing her cupboards and junk drawers. She shares a ridiculous list of what's stuffed into her drawers including piles of paper notes and receipts (7,226), empty rolls of Scotch tape, dry Sharpies, and a miscellany of Kleenex, gum, and more in various states of consumption and disarray. I have a few junk drawers of my own, so I was very entertained by this. 

If you're familiar with Jen's other books, you'll know that she's extremely honest and, in my opinion, one of the funniest writers out there. Her chronicling of darker days when she was unemployed and struggling has made her a best-selling author many times over. Now that she's found success, her problems have morphed into what she describes as "first-world" problems - a beloved dog going through expensive chemotherapy treatments, landscaping dilemmas and some serious entertaining, Martha-style. 

I'm a bit intoxicated by Jen's success and happy for her. Her life is changing and there are some life realizations in this book (not unlike Oprah, really!) in her quest to follow the Tao of Martha that made me take stock, too. Ultimately, getting organized helped her deal with a life-altering event and inspired her to follow a new Tao: be awesome, give awesome, get awesome. Right-on, Jen Lancaster. Right-on.


great review, Molly! Next time, you write the BOOK, not just the review!

Ha!  I would say that made my day, but that about made my year.  Thank you.

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