A review of Happens Every Day by Isabel Gillies

"Another memoir?" my husband responded when he asked me what I was reading and I answered the same way I often do .  Yes, it's true.  I can't seem to get enough of these true stories of coming of age, falling in love, heartbreak, despair, addiction, and every other wonderful or horrible thing that happens every day to regular people. more

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October 9, 2009 | 0 comments
A review of The Omnivore's Dilemma by Richie Chevat

Michael Pollan's recent bestseller The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals is one of those scary looking, thick more

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December 23, 2008 | 0 comments
A review of Madness by Marya Hornbacher

Anyone who has visited a library or bookstore in the last 10 years knows that memoirs have recently become a publishing phenomenon. Of course memoirs have always been around, but those of you who doubt the recent spike in popularity of this genre need only read Entertainment Weekly magazine's nearly exhaustive list of memoirs published since 1995. I'll readily admit that I'm addicted to memoirs: I've read more

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November 26, 2008 | 0 comments