Library Takeover


Library Takeover Ideas Announced

Three ideas have been picked for participation in the Madison Public Library’s first Library Takeover program. Library Takeover is designed to encourage the community to TAKEOVER the library by providing space, time, and resources for community members to host their own events, helping to set the stage for future library programming that involves and reflects all of Madison.

The library received event ideas from 39 teams! We were overwhelmed by the range and creativity of the ideas. In order to narrow down the field the library had input from City of Madison staff as well as from external event planning experts. The three events picked are large-scale, inclusive, a creative or innovative use of the library space, and suitable for the library location and neighborhood.

The three ideas that will be supported through Library Takeover are:

A city-wide convening of writers and organizations that support writers to meet each other, learn from each other, and increase collaboration and connection (Team members: Oscar Mireles, Diana Gonzalez, Tomy Tepepa, Joey Phelps, Zora Beach;  Library location: Pinney Library and other libraries)

An interactive workshop that expands the definition of accessibility and results in a community-building party that is a safe(r) space and as accessible as possible (Team members: Sarah Akawa-Hagedon, T. Banks, Alix Shabazz, King Shabazz, Jean  Brody; Library location: Central Library)

Celebrating Contributions of Indian American Immigrants in Greater Madison (Team members: Lakshmi Sridharan, Pratibha Antani,  Amitha Domalpally, Anjali Sridharan; Library location: Central Library)

We were thrilled by the community response to Library Takeover and are excited about separately pursuing many of the ideas that were submitted to continue to support and promote community-led library programming.

All events that are part of Library Takeover will take place by June 2017; stay tuned for more updates and to see the teams’ progress!


What Is Library Takeover?

Have an idea for an event that you’ve always wanted to host? Madison Public Library wants you to TAKEOVER the library! You pitch your idea, we’ll commit $2500 + time + space + local experts to help you make it happen.

  • What: Library Takeover, a six-week event planning bootcamp that results in three large-scale event
  • Who: Three teams of 3-5 adults in Madison, not officially affiliated with a non-profit or institution
  • When: Applications were open August 1-September 6, 2016.  Teams were notified on September 30, 2016.  Bootcamp sessions will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 pm October 18-November 22, 2016 (and one Wednesday - November 9; no meeting on Election Day, November 8). Childcare and dinner will be provided for teams. Events will be scheduled by each team and held by June 2017.
  • Where: Bootcamp sessions will be held at the Central Library; events will be held at the Central, Meadowridge, and Pinney Libraries
  • Why: To encourage the community to TAKE OVER the library! We hope that by providing space, time, and resources for community members to host their own events, we'll not only have fun, exciting, events, but we'll also be setting the stage for future library programming that involves and reflects all of Madison.
  • How: Library Takeover is based on an original idea from Apples & Snakes and Half-Moon Theatre in the UK. 

The program is made possible by generous support from the Madison Public Library Foundation.

Contact Laura Damon-Moore at 608-266-6350 or for more information.

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