Season of Shadows with Alaura Borealis (A Bubbler Program)

Meadowridge Library
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Make messes and play with light at Meadowridge Library! Join Alaura Borealis in building metaphors and cultivating feelings with light boxes, shadow puppets, projectors, movie making, and more. Experiment with shadow art during this youth-focused residency.

Bio:Alaura Borealis is a social artist, community-based teacher, and co-founder of the ArtWrite Collective. Borealis is currently investigating gender in their ongoing project, Season of Shadows, and has translated that creative research into workshops for Meadowridge Library and other groups around Madison. How do you explain what you're feeling? What can you make from a shadow? Borealis wants to help figure that out.

Tags: Bubbler - Families or All Ages, Bubbler - School Age (Grades K-5), Bubbler - Teen (Grades 6-12)